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Streisand as Yentl reading a book

This section of “Barbra Archives” collects the magazine & newspaper cover stories, interviews & articles about Barbra Streisand — talking to the press about her albums, TV shows, films, career and life.

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1980s: Streisand Cover Stories

McCalls 1981 Esquire Liz Smith Sunday News Harpers Bazaar Scavullo

September 1981

October 1982

Sunday News Magazine
November 13, 1983

Harpers Bazaar
November 1983

Life Magazine Billboard tribute issue People Magazine McCalls 1984
December 1983
December 10, 1983
December 12, 1983
January 1984

Sunday Times Yentl Vanity Fair 1994 Telegraph Woman's Day Australia

Sunday Times
March 4, 1984

Milo Beauty & Barber Supply
March 11, 1984

March 25, 1984

Woman's Day
March 26, 1984

Ladies Home Journal Cashbox cover Digital Audio 1986 Life Magazine with Struthers, Lange, Fonda and Hawn

Ladies Home Journal
August 1984

November 1985

Digital Audio
February 1986

May 1986

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