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This site is unofficial in nature and is not endorsed or recognized by Barbra Streisand or any of her associates. This site is simply one fan's dedication to an amazing and talented artist: Barbra Streisand. No breach of copyright or intellectual property is intended within this site, and all materials are presented for entertainment and study purposes only. I kindly ask that others visiting this site also refrain from making any sort of revenue from the resources within this site.

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Streisand and Howe

(Above: I went backstage to meet and pose for a photo with Barbra after her 2016 Miami concert. She is *lovely* in person.)

Hi, I'm Matt Howe, and I'm the proprietor, curator, and creator of The Barbra Archives—an online guide to the career of Barbra Streisand.Matt Howe

Since 2003, I've endeavored to make as factual and accurate as possible regarding Streisand's career. I have done quite a bit of research on Barbra's career—besides the many readily available biographies and photo books, I have enjoyed searching through newspaper and magazine clippings, visiting the National Archives in D.C., looking through archives at the New York Public Library, corresponding with other fans and using or borrowing their collections. A couple of fans actually donated their Streisand clippings & scrapbooks to me (ranging from Barbra's early career in the ‘60s to the ‘90s)!

Visitors will also notice that I have many rare and interesting photographs of Streisand on the site, including the photographer's name and any outtakes or alternate shots I'm aware of. I love portrait photography — and Streisand has posed for photography icons like Richard Avedon, Scavullo, Irving Penn, and others.

So ... enjoy! I'm proud of this site and the information I've collected here. Hopefully, Streisand fans new and old will learn something new here about Barbra's incredible, expansive career.


Matt Howe

Very Special People ...

I would like to thank (in no particular order) the following people who are greatly appreciated by me:

Barbra Streisand ... thank you for your wondrous talent and iconoclastic individualism. You are truly inspiring and have provided much pleasure and joy with your acting talents, humor, humanitarianism, and miraculous voice.

Thank you to: Marty Erlichman, Dick Guttman, Richard Jay-Alexander, Christian Schraga, Jay Landers, Peter Fletcher, Bob Scott, Darren Julien, Stephen Bender, and Tracy Quinn.

... And especially for their excellent contributions: Mark Boyce, Rafe Chase, Craig Dickson, Craig Hall (Barbra, Mark Iskowitz, Silvio Palmieri, Lynne Pounder (All About Barbra Magazine), Tom Rubeck, George Shubert, dear Allison Waldman, and Don Gunderson.

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... and apologies to anyone I have neglected to put on this page.

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