FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, Matt Howe here—I created Barbra Archives in 2003. Before contacting me, here are some frequently asked questions & answers that you may find helpful.

• I was looking for a FAQ about Barbra herself. Is there one?

Yes, here it is >>

• Can you help me get in touch with Barbra Streisand?

No, sorry. This site does not have any affiliation with Ms. Streisand or her team.

The address where you can write Ms. Streisand is:

Barbra Streisand c/o Martin Erlichman Associates, Inc.

5670 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 2400

Los Angeles, CA 90036


• I have a rare photo, magazine, or recording. May I contribute it to your site?

Yes! I will always credit you on the page your contribution is used on. Just tell me how you want your name to appear (or not...). Scan and email it to me: matt@barbra-archives.com.

People have also snail-mailed hard copies to me, which I have returned. A few have even donated their collections to me. I appreciate it all ... It may take me a while to get everything up, but I eventually do.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: If you submit material to Barbra-Archives, you grant Matt Howe a nonexclusive, royalty-free, perpetual right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, distribute, and display such content throughout the world in any media.

• Why do you disable right-clicking and/or watermark some of the photos of Barbra Streisand on your site? I want to copy some of them! I have a blog and I need content! I love Barbra Streisand as much as YOU!

This entire section is directed at the “difficult people online,” not the lovely Friends of Barbra Archives ...

Some very simple reasons why I disable right-clicking and use watermarks:

One more thought about this whole topic, above: Come on, folks, I've put this whole site online for free ... don't be greedy.

• I'm writing about Barbra / Working on a Streisand project ... Can I use the text I find on your site?

Much of this website utilizes my own original text, which is copyrighted. Please list me, Matt Howe, as a source if you quote it. And please mention my site, Barbra Archives (www.barbra-archives.com).

Please do not copy, rewrite or redistribute this site's materials. You may freely link to any page on this website, but please do not link directly to image, video, or audio files. [i.e. Do not hotlink].

In the past, I have assisted video production companies, journalists, and photo researchers on Streisand projects, including Barbra's 2007 tour program, the 2008 Kennedy Center Honors, Barbra's 2012 album, Release Me and the Funny Girl Remaster. Please contact me at matt {at} barbra-archives {dot} com for my rates—yes, I do charge for my time!

Conversely, if I have failed to credit your work (text or photograph) on this site, please contact me so I may properly credit you!

• Please add me to your mailing list?

Sorry, I don't have one.

• What other Streisand web sites do you recommend?

Check the links page.

• Can you email me an .mp3 of a Streisand song?

Sorry, I don't email .mp3's to people. Try iTunes — they carry most of Streisand's albums.

• Will you sell me, send me, or burn me a CD with some of the rare stuff you have?

I don't sell any material because it's wrong to make money off of it.

• Have you met Barbra and has she complimented you on this site?

In Feb. 2010, Barbra sent me a lovely note complimenting me on the site and thanking me “for caring about the truth.”

In October 2012, I met Barbra after her Brooklyn concert. She was lovely, and thanked me for the site — and gave me an edit for the site, too! I thought that was funny, and she was very warm and kind.

In June 2013, I went backstage and spent some time with Barbra after her concert in Amsterdam. She did not disappoint! (And I'm literally the luckiest person in the world!)

Matt and Barbra in Amsterdam

• I have a magazine with Barbra on the cover that is not in your site's magazine section. Do you want me to scan it for you?

Here's the deal with the magazine section ... It is not a collection of every magazine Streisand has ever appeared in.

I only post major cover stories and major first-person interviews.

In general, I do not post reviews (unless they are historically interesting—like Barbra's early nightclub reviews). So, for example, you won't find Pauline Kael's movie reviews here.

I do not post opinion or editorial magazines (like After Dark or film magazines).

Keeping that in mind ..... thank you for volunteering to send me something!