Barbra Streisand Accepts Governor's Proclamation Declaring New York Women in Film Week May 1-7

May 2, 1986

New York Governor Mario Cuomo's proclamation declaring New York Women in Film Week on May 1 on behalf of all women in the film industry was accepted last evening by Barbra Streisand at the week's kickoff event at the downtown club, The Saint.

Co-sponsored by the New York State Governor's Office for Motion Picture and Television Development and New York Women in Film, the event marked the first time that the State of New York has issued an official salute to the achievements of women working in the entertainment industry.

In her acceptance address before an audience of her peers and which also included Jaynne C. Keyes, Commissioner of the Office for Motion Picture and Television Development, and Mary Feldbauer Jansen, President of New York Women in Film, Ms. Streisand expressed gratitude for the recognition bestowed upon women in the entertainment industry.

Representing Governor Cuomo was former Governor Hugh Carey who made the presentation to Ms. Streisand.

Ms. Streisand's address:

Barbra Streisand at Women in Film WeekThank you.

I am honored to accept this proclamation on behalf of New York Women in Film. Who would have thought 20 years ago ... 10 years ago ... 5 years ago ... that we would be proclaiming one week of every May for Women in Film. We've come a long way. Yet, I think we will always have obstacles, not only because we are women, but because we are artists, as well. Sometimes one feels grateful for the struggle, because it can strengthen, motivate and inspire. The enormity of making a film can be frightening, but then, taking any risk is frightening. However, it's even more frightening not to take it. We as women have an obligation to be all that we are, all that we want to be. Women filmmakers can play a special role in times like these, because the world is in an upheaval. Our technology is more advanced than our hearts. Violence is too prevalent in television and film, and with a president who thinks RAMBO is the height of filmmaking, we unfortunately see real life imitating art.

Women a unique vision of the word. It is our instinct to nurture, to create life, not destroy it. We must see that vision realized. We need to believe in our own sensibilities and our own power ... but we need to do more. After this week's major disaster, we as women have a responsibility to put our energy and talent into repairing the universe ... as the Talmud says ... to mending the broken pieces of the world.

We've come a long way. Though this recognition is wonderful, I look forward to the day we are recognized for the quality of our filmmaking and not just because we are women. We must make films that affirm and celebrate life ... that give us hope and a promise for the future ... if there is to be one.