David Foster Tribute

Celine Dion, David Foster and Barbra Streisand

November 12, 1997 Streisand, Foster and Celine Dion

Barbra Streisand stepped into the limelight long enough to make a few quips about big hair, former beaus and her own secluded life.

She had good reason. Her friend and frequent music collaborator, composer-producer David Foster, was receiving an award for his philanthropy.

“I can't believe they got me out of the house to honor somebody who isn't running for office,” said Streisand, a friend of President Clinton.

Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand

Streisand recalled first meeting Foster in a studio in the 1970s while recording a song. “I kept hearing this piano riff and I liked it,” she said during the tribute Wednesday. “So I said ‘Who's playing that?’ Someobdy said ‘it's that guy with the hair.’ And I said, ‘Which one?’ Because back then everybody had hair.

“And they pointed him out to me and I said, ‘Oh, he's cute and has great hair.’ And I knew hair, because I was going with an ex-hairdresser at the time,” she said, referring to Jon Peters.

The event raised $2.1 million for the Neil Bogart Memorial Fund, which conducts research into the treatment of leukemia, cancer and AIDS in children.