Streisand and Brolin on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

August 27, 1998

by Mark Iskowitz

Brolin and Streisand kiss

James Brolin was honored with the 2,115th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in an official unveiling ceremony on August 27, 1998. Barbra (announced with Jim as "Mr. and Mrs. James Brolin") and Jim's family were present during the 11:30 a.m. ceremony in front of the Johnny Grant Building, 7018 Hollywood Boulevard, which is next to the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. This location is across the street from the landmark Chinese Theater, in front of which sits Barbra Streisand's Walk of Fame star, unveiled in 1976. The ceremony marked the newlyweds' first public appearance since their 7/1/98 private wedding. During the half-hour ceremony, Barbra spotted a man among the spectators holding up a record album called James Brolin Sings, and laughingly, she pointed it out to Jim, who grimaced and motioned for the individual to put it down. Before photographers, television cameras, and an estimated 450-700 delighted fans, Jim and Barbra commented on the special occasion.

Brolin and Streisand look at his star

Streisand at microphoneBJS: “Jimmy, dear, I'm delighted to be here as your wife. I think this is a really well-deserved honor both as an actor and a director...I'm very proud of you, honey. I'd like to thank everybody for sharing this incredible moment in my husband's career.”

Brolin said that as a teenager in L.A., he always wanted to be part of Hollywood, “but I never dreamed I would be implanted in this sidewalk.” After thanking members of his family for their support, the honoree looked over at his wife and made the following comments.

JB: “I can't believe I told my wife not to show up here today. But, she didn't mind me at all. I don't think she ever will; she's a naughty girl. I just want to thank my loving and gorgeous wife. She makes me swoon and feel faint and get the vapors several times a day, and I think that'll always be true.”

Brolin family

(Above: The Brolin family poses, including son Josh Broline, to the right of Streisand)