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May 9, 1992

Returning to her childhood with a fairytale party

Barbra Streisand celebrates her 50th birthday

Guests arriving at Barbra's Magic Castle, are greeted by butlers dressed in period costume (bottom right).

Photos: A. BerlinerPicture of cardboard castle

Barbra Streisand might have just turned 50 but as she showed the 400 guests at her fantasy-filled party, she's still very much a little Funny Girl at heart.

Barbra celebrated her milestone during three days of festivities which culminated in a huge afternoon extravaganza at the home of producer Jon Peters, her former beau.

As her many friends arrived at Jon's 12-acre estate in Beverly Park in the Los Angeles area, they entered through a pink and purple cardboard gate cut out in the shape of the fairytale castle in Beauty And The Beast, the film which set the theme for the party.

But was not a gathering exclusive to members of Barbra's generation. On the invitation she specified it was a party for "children and the children in us."

Among the famous faces who showed up in youthful spirits and with their kids in tow were Barbra's co-star in Prince Of Tides, Nick Nolte, with son Brawley, and giggly actress Goldie Hawn with children Oliver, Kate and Wyatt. Also present were Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Peter Bogdanovich and the most talked-about couple of the season, Warren Beatty and Annette Bening with five-month-old baby Kathlyn.

Peters and Streisand and cake

Inside, with Barbra and Jon Peters alongside, the youngsters look longingly at the fairytale cake (above).

Jason hugs Streisand

With her only son Jason (left), and surrounded, from let, by Jason, his father and Barbra's only husband Elliott Gould, his son Sam, comedian Richard Baskin and director Peter Bogdanovich (below)

Streisand surrounded by the men in her life

Inside the gates to 'Barbra's Margie Castle', partygoers laughed at the antics of clowns and jugglers and were awed by magicians' tricks.

Milling aroung to ensure that everyone was having a good time were two actors impersonating the title characters of Beauty And The Beast, the latest Walt Disney production which made movie history for being the first animated feature film ever to receive an Academy Award nomination in the best picture category.

Streisand bouncing on Moon Bounce

This is one children's story-book party where the adults seem to be having even more fun than the youngsters! While Barbra leaps around on the Moon Bounce (above), Nick Nolte—in a special jumpsuit—tries to do a somersault but ends up upside down, stuck to the Velcro Wall (below).

Nolte stuck to wall

With more decorum than his father, Nick's son Brawley takes his place at the table alongside the birthday girl seated in her canopied chair of honour (below).

Streisand next to Nolte's son.

Barbra, looking a little tearful, hugs Jon, her one-time boyfriend and generous host, in whose Beverly Park home the fantasy party took place. Barbra's delighted expressions throughout show that this funny lady isn't to be intimidated by the half century she is celebrating. (Below)

Streisand hugs Peters

Out in the garden was a Moon Bounce—an air-filled mattress and walls ideal for kids to jump around on in cushioned safety. Barbra thought it looked fun and decided to give it a try, but she soon realised that the flowing off-the-shoulder dress she was wearing lifted dangerously high with every step she took and revealed a good deal more than she wanted to show! Nick had a bit more success in his quest for infantile fun on the Velcro Wall. After donning a special suit striped with rows of velcro, he made an energetic somersault and managed to plaster himself on the wall upside down!

In order to satisfy the tastes of such a wide variety of diners, Barbra cleverly planned out two menus entitled Kiddie Classics and Mystical Morsels.

While the young ones tucked into macaroni cheese, pizzas, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, the grown-ups feasted on pepperoni with marinara sauce, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, and turkey burgers. And to top off their meal everyone enjoyed a slice of the birthday cake which was artfully decorated with colourful.

Streisand with Disney characters

Barbra with some of her friends' children, and with Beauty and the Beast themselves (above).

A tender and rare photograph of the star with her mother Diana (below left) and the tatented little girl who loved to dress up and act even then—some forty years ago (below)

Diana Kind and Streisand