Vogue 1970 Avedon


June 1970

Barbra Streisand

Our Star ... All Style ... And Roaring With Talent

Photos by Richard Avedon

Avedon black and white portrait of Streisand

America's talent. Starshine. She wears it like skin. Bright, jolly, curious, pretty much a loner, she works with total concentration — then throws the mechanics away, and when her voice pours out across an audience, she makes the night bright and the world glorious. Says she's terrified of audiences. Looks them dead in the eye until she makes contact, then gives and gives .... A super entertainer and a marvelous modern-looking girl — suddenly younger, thinner, prettier, girlier, with a soft swing of loose blond hair. Radiates a new warmth and genuine niceness still spiked, happily, with the Good Old Barbra wit. New awareness: "I always felt I had to prove myself," she said. "I'm a person now. I relish my vulnerability, but I don't have this need to work. Like I don't need to please my mother any more .... But pain is a part of life or how else can you accept joy?" ... Joy, quick and pure, is what she gives — on stage, in the movies, and rolling like a good surf through all her records. Latest single: "The Best Thing You've Ever Done." And we'll see her soon as the pussycat-go-go dancer in the movie The Owl and the Pussycat with George Segal. Flamboyant, exacting, exciting, she is possessed by genius.

Avedon multiple exposure of Streisand


Avedon Outtakes

Avedon outtakes

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