Streisand, Jon Peters at Bruce Lee Auditions

April 14, 1975

Above, left to right: Marty Erlichman, Linda Lee, Jon Peters, Chuck Norris, and Barbra Streisand.

Peters and Streisand arrive at MGM

A world-wide competition gets underway April 14 to choose a young man to portray Bruce Lee in the forthcoming motion picture Bruce Lee: His Life and Legend, according to announcement by Phil Feldman, president of First Artists Productions Co. Ltd.

[...] Bruce Lee: His Life and Legend will be written, produced and directed by Robert Clouse who will be one of the judges for the competition. The other judges will be Linda Lee, widow of the late star, Pat Johnson, karate and kung fu master and writer; Chuck Norris, martial arts champion and instructor, and Dick Hennessy, publisher of Black Belt and Karate Illustrated magazines. The film's executive producers are Jon Peters and Martin Erlichman.

Chuck Norris and Barbra Streisand

Is Barbra Streisand readying herself for a chorus line? Hardly. A happi-coated and dungareed Streisand was taking in the Hollywood auditions for a forthcoming film entitled Bruce Lee: His Life and Legend when she decided to learn a few elementary moves from martial arts luminary Chuck Norris. Her current beau Jon Peters, who is executive producer of the movie, stayed safely in the background, under a picture of the late Hong Kong movie star who used to knock 'em dead—on screen and at the box office.

(Photo, below: Peters and Streisand with sons Christopher and Jason)

Peters, Streisand, and children

Peters and Streisand family


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