I Drove Streisand (to work!)

June 1973

Beverley Robilotte and Streisand

Women's lib seemd much to the fore on the Streisand movie, The Way We Were when Miss Streisand requested that her chauffeur be a woman!

The lucky driver turned out to be attractive Beverley Robilotte who lives in Amsterdam, New York. Each day she drove Streisand to work.

Some of the filming took place all through the night, and Beverley found herself working nights, a fact which didn't altogether thrill her husband. “Since it wa a once in a lifetime assignment, he was fairly understanding,” she said.

How did she like her assignment?

“Marvellous,” she said. “It was a fascinating experience, not only driving specifically for Barbra, but being so closely involved with a movie company.

“I really think women drive more cautiously,” she added. “And a woman can provide conversation if it's called for, but also know when to keep quiet.”

How did she feel about being the only woman driver among over two dozen drivers employed by the production company? “Absolutely terrific!” she grinned. An additional bonus for her was the opportunity of seeing Robert Redford, Streisand's co-star, at close quarters.

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Streisand herself recently admitted that she would like to make a film where the entire film crew and production departments are all staffed by women. I would expect Jane Fonda and many other leading lights in the Women' Lib movement wish the same. Who knows the time may not be far away when there'll be an equal number of female directors as male—perhaps more!


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