Barbra Backs Female Lawyer For Seat in Congress

June 11, 1970

Abzug and Streisand

Entertainer Barbra Streisand, in her debut as a political fund raiser, opened her East Side New York town house Tuesday night to promote the candidacy of her lawyer friend, Bella Abzug, who is running for Congress.

“I'm doing this because Bella Abzug is a remarkable woman,” Miss Streisand said. “She's a fighter for peace, and a fighter for people. I really believe we need her in Congress.”

Mrs. Abzug, a staunch feminist, is a Reform Democrat and an advocate of ending the war in Vietnam.

Miss Streisand, who has been seen frequently in the company of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, was asked by a newsman if she thought he “is doing a good job of running Canada.”

“We don't really talk about politics,” she replied.

(photos, below): Ron Galella

Streisand throws party for Abzug

Streisand Politicks in New House

June 15, 1970

by Earl Wilson

The beautiful wife and I shoved our way into Barbra Streisand's $420,000 four-story townhouse where she gave a $25-a-head political party for would-be Congressman Bella Abzug—and were imressed at Barb's hospitality. “I'm auctioning off my furniture for the cause,” Barb said laughingly: she hasn't a stick in the place. When she and Harry Belafonte began selling autographs for $25 for the campaign fund, there was a rush of customers. I bought eight on my credit card and left. The B.W. was real cute about it. “You know,” she chided me, “you don't have any credit card.”

Barbra's handwritten invite to the house


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