Vogue cover August 1965

August 1965

Barbra Streisand — plus

Photos by Irving Penn

The Smallest Dress—Geometric Knit ... Tape to the Toes

Streisand profile by Irving Penn

Barbra Streisand — star plus. Plus two knock-em-dead seasons in Funny Girl. Plus her own once-a-year TV special. Plus runaway album number five. Plus a one-woman concert at Forest Hills in August (seating capacity 15,000; most seats spoken for as we go to press). Plus offers heaped like hors d'oeuvres on a tray—Funny Girl in London ... in the movies ... a concert tour of Europe ... a whirl as a fashion critic on radio. Plus a new haircut that could start scissors whacking all over—nowadays when Streisand stirs, Everything Moves. Here, Funny Girl plus small knits—great team.

Streisand in geometric knit

(ABOVE) Geometric knit, legs to match: Here's what's with the undershirt shirt. As of this season it's a knitted dress—the smallest...the greatest. Here, with a pulled-down waist...stockings along for the joy-ride. White plus black plus bright-green laid on like boxers' tapes. By Rudi Gernreich for Harmon Knitwear, of double-knitted wool; dress about $40, stockings about $18. All: Lord & Taylor; Dayton's; J.W. Robinson. Grandoe gloves. Barber-shop cut: Frederick Glaser.

Barbra Streisand—star plus, dress plus: little black knits planed by clean, sharp shouts of colour ... cut straight down the body ... skimped everywhere .... With very short sleeves, very short hems: white gloves and boots—very short.

Streisand in emerald green

(Above) Emerald green, left and right opposite, like a baby-yoke, on a straightaway skimp of black wool knit. By Kimberly. About $60.

Streisand in purple

Purple plane, twice right, blazed on black wool knit. By Kimberly. About $55. Solar Stockings. Golo boots.