This Week Magazine

August 1964

Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand, girl phenomenon, has eyes like tilted blue almonds, long elegant hands and feet, and the vital star-credentials: she grips, she holds, she sells — records, prime TV time, tables at nightclubs, blocs of theatre seats. At twenty-two she is an authentic Toast Of The Town with the sense to leave the crust untrimmed. She comes on exactly right — strong, slangy, a bit wistful, the familiar Brooklyn diphthongs careening through the warm, big voice like an explosion of firecrackers on the Gowanus Canal. She doesn't have fondnesses, she has passions — "wild" furs, "raw" earrings, the Italian language, dresses with decolletage ("I've got a great chest, great shoulders, I love to show them."); dresses with collars like close, high bandages that deliver the full impact of the heroic Streisand profile. This is no Ugly-Duckling-turned-Swan; she's improved on the fable. As revised by Barbra Streisand, Funny Girl, duckling is quite a dish in its own right.

black velvet ruffled hem dress

Black velvet, ruffled hem, left (top): a dress that stands beautifully —tall and strict— while the famous black-velvet magic entrances the skin. By Anne Fogarty, of Acele acetate and Narco rayon (Martin velvet), with matching stole; about $145. At Miss Bergdorf of Bergdorf Goodman; Wanamaker's, Phila.; L.S. Ayres; I. Magnin. Cadora ring: Bergdorf Goodman.

Shirt and skirt luxe

Shirt-and-skirt luxe, left (bottom): pale gold glittering over pink satin. Barbra Streisand loved this: "The sporty look with a sexy infiltration — great, yeah?") Malcolm Starr one-piece dress. Acetate and metallic threads; silk and Avisco rayon skirt (William Rose fabric); about $125. At Lord & Taylor; Famous-Barr; Hudson's; I. Magnin. Shoes by Fiorentina.

Bert Stern outtake

[Barbra-Archive's Note: (above) An alternate photo from Barbra's session with Bert Stern. The above photo was not used in this issue of Vogue, however is included here as part of the set.]