David Merrick and Streisand in Vat 69 ad

Vat 69 advert


(text from ad): David Merrick gives a backstage party ... and serves Vat 69, the light Scotch you'll recommend tomorrow. This world famous theatrical producer of the smash Broadway hit musical Oliver! knows what pleases his discerning friends. It's the rare combination of lightness and satisfying character offered only by a truly classic Scotch. Have you tried Vat 69 lately?

(left to right): Mr. Joseph Cotten, Miss Patricia Median (Mrs. Joseph Cotten); David Merrick, Margaret Leighton & Peter Glenville (from Tchin-Tchin), Barbra Streisand (I Can Get It For You Wholesale), Kaye Ballard (from Carnival), Goldie Hawkins, Georgia Brown (Oliver!), Faye Emerson, Lionel Bart (Oliver!), Rita Gam, Madame Lilly Daché (milliner & fashion designer), Liz Gardner, Susan Strasberg, John Saxon.

(Below: closer look at Streisand in the ad...)

closeup of Streisand and Kaye Ballard

(Below): Life magazine also ran the same ad in "portrait-oriented" format in the May 17, 1963 edition, which cut out a few of the people on the right side.

Vat 69 portrait ad


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