Show Magazine

September 1964

Show Magazine 1964


Photos by William Claxton

Cover: The Bird Look. Streisand in full plumage, headdress by Leon Bennett, for Rudi Gernreich.

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[Barbra-Archives Note: Rudi Gernreich spoke of this photo shoot to The Los Angeles Times in 2004. He said, “I did one of Streisand's first photo sessions in New York City in 1964. It was her first fashion shoot. It was for a magazine called SHOW. She didn't know what to do in front of a still camera, but she was so smart and so open and so ready to learn that she was just brilliant.”]

[Barbra-Archives Note: Photographer William Claxton wrote about this photo session in his book, Photographic Memory:

... She dressed and stepped before the camera. She looked great, but was hesitant, explaining that she had never actually modeled before. So Peggy [Moffit — Claxton's model-wife] stood beside my camera, suggesting and acting out poses for Barbra to mimic. She began to have fun; with each garment, Peggy would strike a pose, or model a particular dress, and Barbra would copy it at first, and add her own thing. We all had a lot of fun, and Barbra was brilliant; she was like a sponge.

Before saying goodbye, she asked if we would like to see her show, Funny Girl ... Rudi, Peggy and I arrived at the theater and were ushered to front-row seats ... Soon after it started, we realized that Barbra was cleverly incorporating into her role the actual fashion poses she had learned that afternoon at the photo shoot! ...

Afterwards, we went backstage to congratulate Barbra on her great performance ... She looked up at us and began shouting excitedly, 'Didya' see what I did? Didja' see?' We had indeed. She had been marvelous.]

Gernreich and Streisand

SHE is the overnight success, the American Cinderella, who made it out of Brooklyn to smashing Broadway stardom. She married her leading man, acquired an aerie on Central Park West and an even greater smash hit in her current starring role in Funny Girl. She has now sewed it all up with the fine print of a multi-million-dollar television contract.

HE is the consummate showman, the artist as press agent, the man who packed an uproarious crowd into an equally uproarious fashion show where the touted star was to be the American woman, unadorned. Though she never appeared, he and his fashions were front page news.

THEY are the boisterous reigning monarchs of the American Dream, and if they march to a different tune than the rest of the country, millions of the faithful will swear that the rest of the country is out of step. Here they meet as Streisand models Gernreich.

Streisand in veil

ANYBODY HERE SEEN BARBRA There she is, under the yashmak, Leon Bennett's adaptation of a Mohammedan woman's veil. From shoulder to thigh, Gernreich's black and tan reversible camel hair dress and coat. Below that, long black suede boots over black wool stockings, both by Capezio.

Streisand in black dress

THE THIS MINUTE KID in black Italian chiffon, woven to look like lace. Underneath, nothing but skin and a pair of long black tights. Zowie!

Streisand in chinchilla

WHO NEEDS CHINCHILLA This is thick fake lamb's wool with the coat lined to match the bulky dress. Black felt pillox tops it off.

Streisand in silk matte jersey

BITTERSWEET BARBRA in a confection of chocolate brown and poison green silk matte jersey. Earrings by K.J.L.

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