Mademoiselle Cover

January 1964

Singing Comedienne

SINGING COMEDIENNE Barbra Streisand, 21, has, of course, more than just three sides to her. Since first convulsing Broadway audiences in I Can Get It for You Wholesale, she has made nightclub and TV circuits, is also available on record (Columbia). She's tired of being asked if it's true that she's from Brooklyn (yes) and how she got to the top so fast (talent and brass nerve — or, as Jerome Weidman put it, “The kid's made of copper tubing”). She likes talking about her clothes (some of which she designs herself and some of which are “antiques” from thrift shops) and her new apartment, for which she is also antique-hunting (“All that being recognized means,” she says plaintively, “is that now they charge me more”). No one else could ever have been considered for the Broadway part she is now rehearsing: Fanny Brice in Funny Girl.

Photo: Duane Michals

Article courtesy of Robert Traugh


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