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Ladies Home Companion

July 1964

Photographs by Chester Maydole.


The scent of a perfume created just for you, the glow of a make-up designed just for you, the perfect look of just the hairdo, just the gown — just for you, turning you into an only-one-in-the-world woman. It doesn't have to be the most expensive, it doesn't have to be the most extreme. Individuality doesn't cost money, nor does it have to come in odd sizes. It's the self-confidence to be you, and liking yourself enough to trust your own judgment. Barbra Streisand is a woman unlike any other. Her singing style has been compared with the greatest of the dramatic pop singers, yet she is unique. You'll meet her on page 46.

photo of Barbra Streisand

Success is Barbra Streisand

The new darling of show business is a versatile 21-year-old performer who has an overly-prominent nose, slightly out-of-focus eyes, and a voice that knocks you flat on your derriere. Barbra Streisand's road to success took just about as long as the trip from her native Brooklyn to New York City. Well not quite, but almost.

Streisand stands for dress fitting

After a short career as a switchboard operator, Barbra entered a talent contest in a Greenwich Village bar. When the lanky, rather homely girl approached the microphone, the audience laughed. Then she opened her mouth, and the contest was over.

From that night on, Barbra catapulted to fame. She is now the most sought after singer in nightclubs, television, records, and Broadway.

The quality of her untrained voice makes her audiences more than just spectators. They actually participate. When Barbra sings her theme song "Happy Days Are Here Again," you experience the love-hurt feelings her throbbing voice transmits. Or when she breaks into the chords of "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?" you are made aware of the subtle satire of the song, despite its frivolous words.

Barbra Streisand is a one-of-a-kind singer, but her success still surprises her. Though she is the only one who doesn't realize just how special she is, her star status has affected her life. We followed Barbra around the Don Looper Studio in Hollywood for a dress fitting while she attempted to describe the changes fame has made in her.

photos of Streisand wearing black gown

“Success is being fitted for an original gown made to order, instead of picking one from a rack.”

“Success is being recognized anywhere you go, even if you're trying to hide.”

“Success is all the tangible pleasures you've always dreamed about, but could never before afford.”

“Success is being able to have your hair done by Mr. Kenneth, but leaving it in the same old way.”

“Success is changing from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.”

“Success is having a prominent nose, and refusing to have a bob job.”

“Success is having the security to look in the mirror and like what you see.”

Success is Barbra Streisand.


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