February 1964

Willoughby picture of Streisand

With her witchy ways, Barbra Streisand has movie stars getting up in the morning to her records, knocks out night club audiences the way Judy and Lena do, and has snagged the plum lead in Funny Girl, a musical about Fanny Brice due on Broadway in late February. Some Barbra talk: “I dislike the name Barbara intensely. I don't care how people spell my name as long as they spell it wrong ... I never thought about my career. When I was six, I knew I was destined to be famous and rich ... I always slept on the couch in the living room in Brooklyn. Before I lived here, I lived in a railroad flat with no closets, and the bathtub was the sink. I would rather live in a dump or a palace. Nothing in between.” [She and her husband live in an enormous penthouse on Central Park West.] “I love pigs. I'm mad for pigs. Anything that's shaped like a pig. I like penguins too. They're great ... I don't go around the house singing — I sing for my bread. I'm very shy really. I think about each song, I sing over people's heads. I think people are drawn to me because they want to know what I'm thinking.” ... On Funny Girl: “I'm neither scared nor confident.” ... On Fanny Brice: “We both have strange noses. ... When people ask me if I'm Barbra Streisand, I always say no.”


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