Dolly Cedars Sinai Hollywood Opening

by Dorothy Kilgallen

Kelly, Matthau and Streisand at event

"Stop . . . Stop! . . . You crazy man . . . you are absolutely C-R-A-Z-Y!" squealed Barbra Streisand as Walter Matthau grabbed her—kissing her face, her hands, up and down her arms, the back of her neck. And when she threw back her head in wild laughter, he decided to kiss her on the chest!

If this doesn't give you an idea of the hilarity combined with the elegance at the party that followed the glittering opening night of Hello, Dolly!—nothing will.

Just as they had been the stars of the wonderfully exciting musical on the screen at Grauman’s Chinese theatre, Barbra and Walter were the stars of the Cedars-Sinai Hospital charity supper dance in the huge tent adjoining the theatre.

"And these two are supposed to have FOUGHT making the picture!" mused an on-looker" at the Tarzan-type manner with which Walter greeted his co-star. In wonderful good humor and happiness, l\/iatthau did everything but pick Barbra up and throw her over his shoulder.

What scoop did Barbra give Dorothy? Judging by those grins, it must be good

Up to this wild greeting, Barbra had been treated by the 20th century bunch as though she were royalty. She looked the part, slim and erect, her head held high under a pillbox hat of white mink, her body snuggly fitted into a long white coat also trimmed in mink.

She came down the aisle at the theatre with complete entourage, her manager trailing, also her press agent, and flanked on all sides by theatre and security guards. Believe it or not, when she went to the ladies’ room at intermission, the guards took up their posts outside. Queen Elizabeth ll, at a Command Performance in London, could not have been treated more regally than the kid from Brooklyn in her most glowing hour of personal triumph. They said she couldn't play Dolly!? Ha! her manner seemed to say.

She sat dead-center at a flower bedecked table flanked by production boss Richard Zanuck on one side and Dolly's director Gene Kelly on the other, and all but "received" the "subjects" who came up to congratulate her. That is, until the mischievous l\/latthau spotted her! But she loved his playful mauling--and after that seemed to relax.

By the time I caught up with Barbra to have our pictures token together she was a happy but weary Dolly. "I hope I don't show it" she whispered, "but I'm dead! This, on top of that big premiere in New York, the long plane trip this morning, and where I came from it's now three o'clock!" she said under her breath.

"You're doing fine, a picture of vivacity and excitement," I whispered back. We turned on big beams for the cameramen.

Posing for Cedars premiere


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