The Cachet Look: All Summer-Long

June 18, 1962

This article and its sketches of Streisand originally appeared in Playbill Magazine.

By Geri Trotta

Every summer has its own signature, and I suppose at some future date, glancing back to this one, it may be remembered as the year when a lot of chic hostesses received, however informally, wearing something long.

There's no denying the ankle-length skirt does look terribly leisured as you toddle over to the bar to mix another batch of martinis or carelessly run the rinse-water over another sinkful of dishes with a sort of splendid left-handed efficiency that implies, "I'll temporarily take over for the houseman on his night off." The fact that he is non-existent needn't worry anyone, least of all you.

In this general mood, Henri Bendel's new little third-floor boutique, called Cachet, has quite a selection of goodies and seems especially partial to the elongated shirtwaist dress made of beautiful sturdy silk (that some women may even be able to wash successfully) striped in black, blue, red or yellow and white (sketched opposite); or gingham-checked in an even wider, wilder choice of colors. I think I prefer it belted, but you may not. Let your figure decide. And the price, as you see, is not the least of the dream.

Other silk versions of the long shirtdress are available to order at about $100 up to $175. (With these you probably would need the houseman, and not just illusion of same, if you are going to actively pitch in and serve.)

The more usual way to achieve the long narrow look is, of course, with slacks or pants. And I


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