Bazaar December 1965 cover


December 1965

The Self-Given Gift of Beauty

Photos by Richard Avedon

You are born with a certain bone structure and color of eyes; but in this day and age, almost everything else is delightfully variable—a matter of choice and projection. Beauty is, in fact, a decision—a present one can give oneself. The most naturally divine woman can carelessly throw away her native advantages, while another, initially less endowed, can turn her looks into superlatives. To be a beauty, first be convince you are. Determination will lead you to find your best allies in cosmetics, hair-styling, clothes. And your assurance will convince others. On these and the four pages that follow are three quite different types of women—all of them beauties who believe in themselves: Ursula Andress [...] who soared to fame as the dazzling Amazon of Dr. No and is now co-starring with Mastroianni in Embassy's suspense fantasy of the twenty-first century, Tenth Victim, is only five feet five inches tall. Her perfect proportions and fluid, feline movements radiate basic jungle, but she feels, at heart, she is a tamer breed of cat. Barbra Streisand (photographed on the next two pages), a Brooklyn-born Nefertiti who had the courage to invent herself, enchants her audience every night in the Broadway success, Funny Girl, and in her CBS television spectaculars. (Her first was so successful, it was repeated last October, and her second is scheduled for spring.) Gorgeously unique and laden with talent, she deliberately chose her role of sophisticate, when she might easily have been just the kooky kid next door. Sophia Loren (photographed on the cover...) soon to appear in the Universal film, Arabesque, has captured world-wide admiration for her superb dramatic acting, extraordinary skill as a comedienne and for her Italian vitality. An earthy goddess, she is, in face and figure, far from classic, but her allure is genuine and international.

Photo of Streisand profile

Black and white photo of Barbra Streisand by Avedon

Richard Avedon Outtakes

From this photo session ....

Avedon outtakes

It was Richard Avedon's photo from this session that was used as the cover photo on Streisand's 1966 album, Je m'appelle Barbra.


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