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The Sunday Star TV Magazine
(Washington, D.C.)

Week of Oct. 8 - Oct. 14, 1967

A Matured Barbra Does 3rd Special

by Frank Judge

THEY'RE CALLING Barbra Streisand's third television special, slated for Wednesday night on CBS, "The Belle of 14th Street."

The title refers to the television revival of old-time vaudeville as it was performed on New York's then-elegant 14th Street around the turn of the century. Jason Robards Jr. co-stars.

This special could just as well have been called "The Belle of Show Business —Barbra Streisand."

For who else but this 25-year-old, multi-talented star could juggle as many show business jobs as she is doing?

Streisand as the Belle

After taping her TV special months ago, she went to Hollywood to film the movie version of her Broadway triumph, "Funny Girl." Her records are among the all-time best sellers, and when she did a concert in Central Park, 130,000 people attended and 50,000 more had to be turned away.

When Columbia Pictures is finished with "Funny Girl," they'll give Miss Streisand time to catch her breath before starting production on the movie version of "Hello, Dolly!"

Now that Miss Streisand has scaled the heights of every phase of show business she has attempted, what else does she want?

No longer the Kookie Kid from Brooklyn, she has matured with each new success.

"You know what life is all about?," she said, using an expression—"You know"—she is trying desperately to banish from her vocabulary.

"It's about having a baby and raising a family and loving your husband, and being loved. That's what life is all about. This other stuff—the television specials, the movies, the records, the concerts — these are just the games I play."

While her husband, Elliot Gould, was back in New York appearing on Broadway in "Luv," Miss Streisand took over Rex Harrison's Beverly Hills home with her son, nine-month-old Jason Emanuel.

And for this internationally acclaimed star, the happiest times are when she takes her son to the movie studio, as she does twice a week. It is there that Barbra Streisand fusses over him as mothers — from Brooklyn and all over the world—delight to do with their babies.


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