TV Magazine 1966

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Week of March 27—April 2, 1966

Barbra is Flippant But Seeks Perfection

by Frank Judge

THE FLIP SIDE of Barbra Streisand, the Brooklyn Kid who grew up to be a Manhattan lady of fashion, is featured in her second CBS special Wednesday night.

It comes in the second segment of the three-segment, one-woman show, "Color Me Barbra." It's a portion showing her love for animals in a circus setting.

Flippant Barbra is proudest of all of the trampoline act she does.

"If I ever need a job, I can always join a circus," she says.

The toss she does for the two-minute scene was taped nine times and climaxed 25 straight hours for her in front of the cameras.

Streisand on trampoline

In everything she does, this girl, who won't be 24 until April 24, seeks perfection.

"Look, you do one television show a year. It should be good, right?," she reasons.

Last year, Barbra did her first special, "My Name Is Barbra." It was acclaimed by the critics, viewed by one of the largest television audiences of all time, and won five Emmys.

She was on her own—all alone.

"I like it better that way," she explains. "I work all alone on Wednesday's show, too. That way, I can blame only myself if it fails."

She is the only human on the show—aside from the on-camera musicians—but animals abound on it.

The circus segment is filled with them, and viewers also will meet Sadie, the French poodle that the cast of Broadway's "Funny Girl" gave Barbra at a surprise party on her 23rd birthday.

Barbra confesses that one of the most rewarding experiences in her life has been her change from kook to class. Once identified with a zany wardrobe, which matched her then-zany personality, Barbra now dresses as a lady and acts with equal high fashion. Where once she looked like a walking rummage sale, now she's on the international best- dressed list.

Streisand with Sadie

Fashion on this show is related to the world of art.

She fimed one segment at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where she wandered through the famous collection and became the characters of the paintings.

The final portion of the show should be the most rewarding for the millions who love her singing. It's a straight concert session.

Now in London rehearsing her opening of the London production of "Funny Girl" on April 13, Barbra expects to stay there three months.

It keeps her apart from her husband, Elliot Gould, but Barbra wants to continue with the role of Fanny Brice in preparation for doing the movie version when she returns.

"But first I'll tape my third CBS special," she says.

Will it be like the first two?

"I don't know until I see what the reaction is to Wednesday's show," she replied. "The first two shows are enough alike to be bookends. I guess the third show will be something else. Whoever heard of three bookends?"


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