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TV Guide

April 24—30, 1965

Barbra's Fabulous Fashions for a TV special

Photos by Roger Prigent

Barbra Streisand's first CBS-TV special, "My Name Is Barbra," will be broadcast this Wednesday, April 28, and one scene of her show will take place in the haute-couture New York store—Bergdorf Goodman. Here is a sampling of the clothes by Emeric Partos and (pictured on page 22) the hats by Halston designed exclusively for Barbra for this part of the show.

Velvet paisley and mink

Velvet Paisley and Mink ...... Royal blue and gold paisley for a jump suit and long matching velvet coat. The sleeves and lining of the coat are of wild ranch mink .

Leopard and Leather

Leopard and Leather ......... Barbra in a full-length leopard coat with wide, notched collar and leather tie-belt. It is worn over a short black leather dress. Black leather boots.

White feathers

White Feathers for Evening.... Thousands of white feathers for evening hat that completely covers the hair and ties with grosgrain silk under the chin.

Top hat

Top Hat of Straw and Veiling..... Barbra wears a pale beige hat with a very high crown—in a basket-weave straw. A pale chiffon scarf forms the band and drapes softly around neck.


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