September 20, 2014

New York magazine cover

100 Years of Pop Music

To commemorate its fourth annual "Yesteryear Issue" New York magazine issued 8 collectible covers featuring recording artists associated with the great city. Barbra Streisand had her own cover — a 1960s photo by Halsman. Inside the issue was a short blurb about Barbra ...

After the story ran, Barbra Streisand herself took issue with the quote New York magazine ran. She wrote a letter to the editor to clear up the inaccuracies:

It simply isn't true. The truth is I didn't want to change anything about myself like my nose, my teeth, my clothes, whatever. But I wanted to have something original, so I took out the second 'a' from Barbara and became Barbra, which is the same name only without an A, and it looked a bit different and unique.