The Barbra Streisand Timeline / 1990-1999

The Barbra Streisand Timeline was written and compiled by Allison Waldman, the author of The Barbra Streisand Scrapbook and Barbra Memories. Allison was a good friend who passed away in 2013 after a long battle with cancer. I received permission from Allison's family to post her timeline on my website because—like all things Allison wrote about Ms. Streisand's career—it was meticulous and factual. Enjoy Allison's Barbra Streisand Timeline, which is spread over five pages, continuing here with the 1990s ...

Pictures of Barbra from the 1940s to the 2010s

MAY 1, 1990

While working on the script for "The Prince of Tides," novelist Pat Conroy see a photograph of Jason Gould and convinces Barbra that he'd perfect choice for the role of Bernard Lowenstein, her on-screen son in this film. In addition, Jason wants to be in the film and asks his mother for a chance. After agreeing to take her direction and criticism, Jason wins the part. Actor Chris O'Donnell ("Scent of a Woman), previously cast in the role, is paid off and dismissed.

JUNE 11, 1990

"The Prince of Tides" begins filming in South Carolina.

AUGUST 14, 1990

"The Prince of Tides" films exterior scenes in New York.

FEBRUARY 1, 1991

Barbra endorses Elizabeth Glaser's book about her children contracting pediatric AIDS, and her own HIV positive status.

MARCH 25, 1991

At the Academy Awards, Streisand presents the Best Picture Oscar. The winner is "Dances With Wolves," and she poses with Kevin Costner afterwards. Her date for the night is film composer James Newton Howard.

JULY 1, 1991

The London tabloids publish a story alleging that Jason Gould married a male fashion model. Also: Barbra contributes a song to "For Our Children," an album to benefit pediatric AIDS.

AUGUST 1, 1991

"The Prince of Tides" September opening is moved from September to December 25, 1991, when studio boss Frank Price determines the picture should be Columbia's premiere Christmas film.


After four years in the making, Columbia releases a Barbra retrospective boxed set called "Barbra Streisand Just For The Record...." The four-CD set includes ninety-five tracks, sixty-seven of which had previously been unreleased songs from live performances, TV appearances, and recording sessions. The set is well-received and goes platinum. The video companion, however, is never released.

NOVEMBER 1, 1991

Barbra and fashion designer Donna Karan go to the International Antique Dealers Show in New York City.

Streisand and Karan

NOVEMBER 24, 1991

Barbra is interviewed by Mike Wallace on "60 Minutes." Although Wallace was one of the first people to give Barbra a chance in the early sixties on his "P.M. East" television show, he aggressively interviews her, bringing her to tears when he quotes her mother saying that Barbra doesn't have time to anyone in her life.

DECEMBER 1, 1991

The soundtrack album from "The Prince of Tides" is released by Columbia Records. In addition to James Newton Howard's score, Streisand sings two songs including the love theme from the film, "Places That Belong To You." The latter was intended to be heard over the end credits, but Barbra feels it would distract from the movie and decides not to put it on the film.

DECEMBER 11, 1991

Streisand is escorted to the Los Angeles charity performance of "The Prince of Tides" by former beau Jon Peters.

DECEMBER 25, 1991

"The Prince of Tides" opens to excellent reviews.

JANUARY 1, 1992

Barbra becomes only the third woman to ever be nominated by the Directors Guild of America as Best Director of the year. She's recognized for her work on "The Prince of Tides."

JANUARY 10, 1992

Barbra attends Jane Fonda's wedding to media mogul Ted Turner.

JANUARY 19, 1992

At the Hollywood Foreign Press Golden Globe Awards, Nick Nolte wins for "The Prince of Tides" and thanks his director for her efforts on his behalf.

FEBRUARY 18, 1992

Barbra and Nick Nolte meet Princess Diana at the Royal Premiere of "The Prince of Tides" in London.

Princess Diana and Streisand

FEBRUARY 19, 1992

The Academy Award nominations are announced. "The Prince of Tides" gets seven nods, including one for Best Picture. However, Barbra is noticeably not named as Best Director.

FEBRUARY 22, 1992

Barbra Streisand surprises Mike Myers, Madonna, and Roseanne by walking onto the set during a "Saturday Night Live" sketch called "Coffee Talk."

FEBRUARY 25, 1992

Composer Stephen Sondheim presents Barbra the Grammy Living Legend award.

MARCH 1, 1992

Barbra is one of three DGA-nominated directors speaking at the Directors Guild of America "Meet the Nominees...A Forum on the Art of Filmmaking."

MARCH 14, 1992

At the DGA Awards Barbra receives her nomination plaque. The DGA winner is Jonathan Demme for "The Silence of the Lambs."

Streisand at DGA Awards

MARCH 17, 1992

Barbra goes to the Annual Oscar Nominee Luncheon.

Streisand in suit

APRIL 25, 1992

Jon Peters throws Barbra a lavish, extravagant 50th birthday party at his home in Beverly Hills.

MAY 1, 1992

The Streisand Foundation gives $50,000 to charities in riot torn South Central Los Angeles.

MAY 4, 1992

Barbra and Richard Baskin attend a party in Los Angeles to meet former Soviet Premiere Mikhail Gorbachev and his wife, Raisa.

JUNE 1, 1992

Barbra's inducted into the Women In Film Crystal Awards Hall of Fame.

JUNE 29, 1992

In response to a Newsweek article that criticized "The Princes of Tides'" love story, Barbra writes an editorial for the "My Turn" column.

AUGUST 28, 1992

The laser disc version of "The Prince of Tides," complete with Streisand's commentary and outtakes from the film, is postponed indefinitely by Criterion Discs because of a disagreement with the producer-director.


Barbra creates a stir when she goes to the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament in Forrest Hills, to root for her friend Andre Agassi.

Agassi and Streisand

Barbra says of Agassi: "He plays like a Zen master. He's very of the moment."

SEPTEMBER 16, 1992

Barbra sings at a fundraiser for Democratic presidential candidate Bill Clinton.

NOVEMBER 2, 1992

Streisand wires President-elect Bill Clinton a congratulatory telegram on the night of his victory. "I'm so very excited for you, for me and for the rest of America. Your victory restores my faith in the people of the country."

NOVEMBER 18, 1992

Barbra receives the AIDs Project Los Angeles Commitment to Life award. She sings a duet with Johnny Mathis…"One Hand, One Heart"/"I Have A Love" from "West Side Story." Barbra condemns the state of Colorado for their anti-discrimination legislation aimed at homosexuals.

DECEMBER 1, 1992

Barbra's speech at the APLA becomes a rallying cry for gay rights.

DECEMBER 11, 1992

Anita Hill and Barbra Streisand are honored by the American Civil Liberties Union.

DECEMBER 15, 1992

Sony signs Barbra to a long-term $60 million contract encompassing films and recordings.

JANUARY 4, 1993

Barbra Streisand is selected at one of the ten best people of 1992 by Time magazine.

JANUARY 14, 1993

Barbra options the screen rights to Ann Shreve's novel "Where or When."

JANUARY 19, 1993

Barbra sings in the finale of President Bill Clinton's inauguration gala.

JANUARY 26, 1993

The front page of the New York Post, with the headline "Senator Yentl," says Barbra is going to run for the New York Senate seat of Democrat Patrick Moynihan.

JANUARY 27, 1993

Barbra repudiates the New York Post story. "There should be no confusion between someone with political passion and someone with political ambition."

JANUARY 28, 1993

A New York Times editorial by Anne Taylor Fleming criticizes Barbra for the clothes she wore to entertain at the presidential inaugural special.

FEBRUARY 1, 1993

Grenada/Grenadines puts out a special stamp set featuring sixteen musical performers, including Streisand.

Grenada stamp

The commemorative set shows a drawing of Barbra, circa 1964, with her name misspelled Barbara Streisand.

FEBRUARY 5, 1993

Variety reports Streisand's next film will be a romantic comedy for Tri-Star Pictures called "The Mirror Has Two Faces."

APRIL 1, 1993

Streisand sings "Some Enchanted Evening" at a party in honor of Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulrooney and his wife, Mila. Also: Streisand's planned duet with Madonna for Barbra's upcoming album, Back to Broadway, falls through because of scheduling conflicts.

APRIL 10, 1993

Barwood Films' president Cis Corman announces a project in development for Barbra and Oscar-winner Robert De Niro: a film based on Jeffrey Potter's 1985 biography of expressionist artist Jackson Pollock called "To A Violent Grave."

APRIL 18, 1993

Barbra provides the introductory remarks when Act Up/NY sponsors a benefit reading of Larry Kramer's play "The Normal Heart" at the Roundabout Theatre.

APRIL 24, 1993

Liza Minnelli hosts a party to celebrate Barbra's 51st birthday at her New York townhouse. Liza sings to Barbra a variation on the song "I Can't Give You Anything But Love."

MAY 1, 1993

Barbra attends the White House Press Correspondent's Dinner as a guest of Newsweek.

MAY 13, 1993

Streisand's new album, "Back to Broadway" premieres at a listening party to benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Barbra shows up to receive a special award from Columbia Records to commemorate her 50th album.

MAY 17, 1993

Barbra's high visibility in Washington is the subject of a Washington Post editorial by Jonathan Yardley called "Miss Marmelstein Goes to Washington."

MAY 23, 1993

In response to the Yardley editorial, Barbra does an interview with Robert Scheer in the Los Angeles Times defending herself: "Mostly I was in Washington as a tourist. I did all the tourist things I never had time for."

MAY 30, 1992

In a cover story for the Sunday Times of London's Style and Travel magazine called "America's Second Lady," noted feminist Professor of Humanities at the University of Arts in Philadelphia, Camille Paglia, defends Streisand's renewed political activism.

JUNE 29, 1993

Barbra's 50th album, "Back to Broadway" is released.

JUNE 30, 1993

Barbra goes to Wimbledon to cheer on Andre Agassi who is in the quarter finals.

Streisand cheers for Agassi

The British tabloids have a field day reporting on Barbra and Andre.

JULY 12, 1993

"Back to Broadway" debuts at number one on the Billboard Top 200. It's the first time a Streisand album has entered the chart at the top of the chart. BJS becomes the first star to have number one albums in the 1960's, 1970's, 1980's and 1990's.

JULY 21, 1993

Barwood Films -- Barbra Streisand and Cis Corman -- team with Storyline Productions -- Neil Merron and Craig Zadan -- and actress Glenn Close to produce the TV movie "Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story" for NBC.

AUGUST 1, 1993

Barbra talks with Frank Sinatra about dueting with him for his new album.

Bailey and Streisand

Also: At Carole Bayer Sager's home, Barbra has a party to celebrate the success of "Back to Broadway," inviting female impersonator Jim Bailey to perform. She tells the attendees that she will sing for them, then fakes them out by presenting Bailey.

OCTOBER 6, 1993

Barbra announces that she will return to the concert stage on New Year's Eve 1993 when she opens the new MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Kirk Kerkorian, owner of the hotel, reportedly lured her back by offering a whopping $20 million for two shows.

NOVEMBER 1, 1993

Barbra decides to donate her 24-acre Malibu ranch to the State of California. It becomes part of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and is renamed the Streisand Center for Conservation Studies.

NOVEMBER 2, 1993

Frank Sinatra's "Duets" is released. It includes duets with Tony Bennett, Aretha Franklin, Bono and Barbra. She and Frank sing "I've Got A Crush On You."

NOVEMBER 7, 1993

Tickets go on sale for Streisand's two MGM Grand performances. Ticket prices range from $50 to $1,000, and when the phone lines are opened, they're immediately overloaded. The shows sell-out within hours.

NOVEMBER 9, 1993

Barbra announces a sale of her fine art and collectibles through Christie's auction house in New York.

NOVEMBER 19, 1993

Streisand is interviewed by Barbara Walters on the TV news magazine "20/20."

DECEMBER 20, 1993

Streisand dress rehearsal

Barbra has a dress rehearsal performance at the Sony Studios in Los Angeles.

DECEMBER 28, 1993

Streisand souvenir merchandise for the MGM concerts -- including tee-shirts, playing cards, posters, postcards, keychains, jackets, champagne and champagne glasses -- goes on sale in the lobby of the hotel.

DECEMBER 31, 1993

Barbra welcomes the New Year with a triumphant return to the concert stage. Rumors arise that she will finally tour in 1994.

JANUARY 8, 1994

President Clinton's mother, Virginia Kelley, dies from breast cancer. One of her last public appearances was in Las Vegas where she attended both of Streisand's concerts as Barbra's guest. Barbra goes to Hot Springs, Arkansas for Mrs. Kelley's funeral. She then establishes a breast cancer research grant in Virginia Kelley's name.

JANUARY 17, 1994

The Los Angeles earthquake hits, knocking Barbra and millions of other out of their beds. Barbra's Malibu estate and Holmby Hills mansion suffer minor damage.

JANUARY 27, 1994

Barbra appears at the AIDS Project Los Angeles annual Commitment to Life Award celebration. She presents the award to first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.

FEBRUARY 14, 1994

On Valentine's Day, the announcement is released to the press: Barbra will do a limited world tour, opening in London's Wembley Arena on April 20.

MARCH 3-4, 1994

In an effort to "simplify her lifestyle," Barbra cleans out her homes of rare and treasured art deco and art nouveau decorative and fine art objects. Christie's East auctions the collection, and Streisand's stuff garner major interest. The two day take is over $6.2 million.

MARCH 27, 1994

A day that will live in infamy: tickets go on sale for the U.S. leg of Barbra's tour. In each of the five cities -- San Jose, Anaheim, Washington, D.C., Detroit and New York -- and despite the prices ($50, $125 and $350), the tickets sell-out in less than an hour.

APRIL 14, 1994

Barbra is escorted to the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity Tribute to Hillary Clinton in New York by former beau Pierre Trudeau.

Streisand and Trudeau

APRIL 20, 1994

Barbra The Concert opens at the Wembley Arena in London to rave reviews.

APRIL 25, 1994

Prince Charles comes to see Barbra perform in concert, and in his honor, she sings "Someday My Prince Will Come."

MAY 1, 1994

Due to the enormous sales of Barbra Streisand concert merchandise in Las Vegas, "Barbra Boutiques" are set up in major U.S. department stores.

MAY 9, 1994

Streisand twirls baton

Barbra goes to Frederick Douglass Junior High School in Washington, D.C. to donate $25,000 to the school's music department.

MAY 10, 1994

The American leg of the concert tour opens at the US Air Arena in Maryland. Barbra receives rave reviews.

MAY 12, 1994

The President and Mrs. Clinton attend Barbra's concert at Landover.

MAY 15, 1994

Barbra's tour moves to Detroit, Michigan, where she opens at the Palace in Auburn Hills.

MAY 17, 1994

Columbia Records releases "Ordinary Miracles" as a four-song mini-CD.

MAY 25, 1994

Barbra is stricken with severe virile laryngitis and is forced to postpone the tour. Four Anaheim dates -- May 25, 27, 29 and 31st -- are rescheduled for the end of the tour.

JUNE 2, 1994

Bouncing back from her illness, Barbra opens in Anaheim at the Arrowhead Pond. To answer her critics -- who suggested she was not sick but "chickening out" of her tour -- Barbra offers her own Top Ten List of Reasons Why She Didn't Perform.

JUNE 7, 1994

The Streisand tour opens in San Jose, California.

JUNE 13, 1994

Jennings and Streisand

Barbra is escorted to the White House State Dinner by ABC anchorman Peter Jennings.

JUNE 18, 1994

Barbra donates $50,000 to her alma mater, Erasmus Hall High School. The money goes to the music department where they create the Streisand Piano Lab.

JUNE 20, 1994

Streisand's concert reaches New York. Her opening at Madison Square Garden is greeted with numerous standing ovations and thunderous applause.

JUNE 22, 1994

Bergman and Streisand and award

In New York, Marilyn Bergman presents Barbra with the Harry Chapin Humanitarian Award from ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers).

JUNE 28, 1994

In the midst of her New York engagement, Streisand is a surprise guest The Late Show with David Letterman.

JULY 1, 1994

The premiere issue of The Barbra File, a monthly newsletter all about Streisand, is published.

JULY 12, 1994

As a gift to her hometown, Barbra broadcasts the last song of her last New York show over the Sony Jumbotron screen in Times Square.

JULY 18, 1994

Barbra returns to the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim to make up the shows cancelled when she was ill.

JULY 22 & 24, 1994

The concert is videotaped for an HBO television special. After the final performance, Barbra gives a bonus song to the crowd, "What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life?"

AUGUST 15, 1994

For the first time ever, Barbra appears on the cover of TV Guide.

AUGUST 28, 1994

Streisand concert merchandise is sold over QVC, the shopping channel, and advance orders are taken for Barbra: The Concert double CD and home video of the TV special.

AUGUST 21, 1994

Barbra: The Concert airs on HBO -- the highest rated original program ever broadcast on HBO.


Barbra travels to Vancouver, British Columbia, where Serving In Silence: The Grethe Cammermeyer Story is filming.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1994

Barbra:The Concert double album and home video are simultaneously released in stores throughout the U.S. A controversy erupts when Blockbuster stores get a special edition of the music video which includes an extra song.

OCTOBER 28, 1994

Barbra gives the opening remarks at a Hollywood Women's Political Committee luncheon for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

NOVEMBER 2, 1994

While in Los Angeles, Prince Charles has a private tea with Barbra at the Bel Air Hotel.

NOVEMBER 8, 1994

Twenty-five years after its original release, the Hello, Dolly! soundtrack is put out as a digitally remastered CD.

DECEMBER 1, 1994

The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences announces that Barbra will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the March 1, 1995, Grammy broadcast.

DECEMBER 21, 1994

The Criterion special edition laser disc of "The Prince of Tides," with Barbra's frame by frame commentary, is released in America.

JANUARY 1, 1995

Glamour magazine rates Streisand as the third most powerful woman in showbiz, behind Oprah Winfrey and Sherry Lansing. Also: The Barbra Streisand Scrapbook, a source book on Barbra's life and career, written by Allison J. Waldman, is published.

JANUARY 5, 1995

Barbra receives two nominations for the 1995 Grammy Awards: Best Traditional Pop Vocalist for Barbra The Concert, and Best Female Pop Vocalist for "Ordinary Miracles."

JANUARY 15, 1995

Barbra The Concert wins three awards at the 16th Annual National Cable ACE Awards, including BJS as Best Performer in a Musical Special or Series.

JANUARY 16, 1995

Barbra throws a party to celebrate the release of her sister, Roslyn Kind's, new CD, "Come What May."

JANUARY 23, 1995

Barbra co-hosts and attends a Los Angeles screening Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story, her TV movie producing debut, to benefit The Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund and GLAAD.

FEBRUARY 3, 1995

Streisand appears before a full house of 700 students at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to give a speech.

Streisand at Harvard

Her address is called "The Artist as Citizen."

FEBRUARY 5, 1995

NBC-TV broadcasts "The Prince of Tides" for the first time. One of the viewers is Barbra Streisand. When she notices that the volume on the commercials is louder than the movie, she calls the network control room in New York City and tells them to lower the sound by two decibels.

FEBRUARY 6, 1995

"Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story" debuts on NBC. Reviews are excellent.

FEBRUARY 17, 1995

A Barbra Streisand fan convention, called Barbra: The Reunion, is held in San Rafael, California. The three-day long celebration attracts fans from all over the world.

MARCH 11, 1995

Dwight Hemion receives the Directors Guild of America award in the musical-variety category for "Barbra: The Concert."

APRIL 1, 1995

Barbra buys a house on an acre known as the "Queen's Necklace" in Malibu, California, for $2 million.

APRIL 9, 1995

Hilary Clinton and Streisand

Barbra goes to a dinner at the Beverly Wilshire where President Bill Clinton speaks to members of the Jewish Federation Council; the president recognizes her in his opening remarks.

MAY 1, 1995

Sony Music releases "Barbra: The Concert Highlights," a single CD version of original double CD.

MAY 9, 1995

Streisand shows up at the Waldorf Astoria in New York to accept the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award for HBO's version of "Barbra: The Concert."

MAY 21, 1995

Brandeis University presents Barbra with an honorary doctorate of humane letters degree.

Streisand at Brandeis

She is recognized for "her outstanding contribution to the arts, her work to ameliorate relations between blacks and Jews, and for her many philanthropic activities in support of women's equality, human rights and civil liberties, children at risk and preservation of the environment."

JUNE 6, 1995

Barbra makes her second appearance on Larry King Live, this time to help Larry celebrate his 10th anniversary. Barbra speaks openly about politics, the arts, and her personal life.

JULY 1, 1995

Barbra vacations in the Hamptons.

JULY 2, 1995

The network television premiere of 1987's "Nuts" is broadcast on CBS, a specially re-cut version that turns the R-rated feature into a milder PG-13.

JULY 4, 1995

Senator Christopher Dodd accompanies Barbra and some friends to the Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut where a floor manager allegedly "arranges" for her to win $25 at a blackjack table. The employee is fined and suspended.

JULY 20, 1995

"Barbra: The Concert" (HBO) is honored with ten Emmy nominations and "Serving in Silence" is cited for five.

SEPTEMBER 10, 1995

At the Emmys, Streisand -- sitting in the audience with date Jon Voight -- wins two awards for "Barbra The Concert." The special wins five Emmys overall.

Close and Streisand with Emmys

"Serving In Silence" is honored with three Emmys, including one for Glenn Close as best actress.

SEPTEMBER 11, 1995

The cast for "The Mirror Has Two Faces" is set. Joining Barbra are Jeff Bridges, Pierce Brosnan, Lauren Bacall, Mimi Rogers, Brenda Vaccaro, Dudley Moore, Elle MacPherson and Austin Pendleton. Marvin Hamlisch is chosen to write the score.

OCTOBER 1, 1995

Streisand and members of her film crew scout locations for "The Mirror Has Two Faces" around New York City.

OCTOBER 16, 1995

Streisand commences production on her 16th film, "The Mirror Has Two Faces," in New York City.


Barwood Films announces that it is making "Two Hands that Shook the World," a film about slain Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and PLO chief Yasser Arafat. Also: On "The Mirror Has Two Faces," George Segal replaces Dudley Moore.

NOVEMBER 14, 1995

When Donna Karan appears on Oprah to celebrate her company's 10th anniversary, Barbra makes a surprise phone call to the show to congratulate her friend.

JANUARY 1, 1996

Streisand changes editors for "The Mirror Has Two Faces." Alan Heim is out and Jeff Werner is in. Also: In its 29th year on the shelves, Barbra's "A Christmas Album" is certified quadruple platinum.

JANUARY 6, 1996

In the Billboard year-end issue, "Barbra: The Concert" home video is the number one rated music release for all of 1995.

FEBRUARY 1, 1996

Rumors arise that Barbra is planning a new studio album of spiritual and inspirational music, including the Hebrew prayer "Kol Nidre" and the hymn "Amazing Grace."

MARCH 1, 1996

Streisand's production company -- Barwood Films -- will reteam with Storyline Entertainment's Craig Zadan and Neil Meron to produce "What Makes A Family?" -- a TV movie for NBC.

MARCH 22, 1996

"The Mirror Has Two Faces" wrapped production in New York City -- almost. Streisand plans to return later in the spring when there are leaves on the trees.

APRIL 1, 1996

The Streisand Center for Conservancy Studies, Barbra's former Malibu ranch, opens its door for public tours.

APRIL 11, 1996

After nearly 10 years of on-again, off-again pre-production on "The Normal Heart," Barwood Films gives up on the project, the rights reverting to playwright Larry Kramer.

APRIL 29, 1996

"The Mirror Has Two Faces" returns to New York to do one more week of filming.

MAY 3, 1996

"The Mirror Has Two Faces" wraps production for good.

JUNE 12, 1996

The first test screening of "The Mirror Has Two Faces" is held in Los Angeles. Reports from the respondents are very positive.

JULY 1, 1996

At a party thrown by Jon Peters' ex-wife, Christine, Barbra meets actor James Brolin. Instead of returning to an all-night editing session for "Mirror," Brolin takes her home with him.

AUGUST 14, 1996

Mirror has a preview screening in Pasadena, with Barbra and James Brolin in attendance. "It Doesn't Get Better Than This," is sung by Barbra over the end credits.


Barbra goes public about the new man in her life, James Brolin, and releases a photo to USA Today and Newsweek (September 9) to circumvent the frenzy among the tabloids.

SEPTEMBER 12, 1996

Barbra performs for a President Clinton fundraiser in Beverly Hills.

OCTOBER 22, 1996

"I Finally Found Someone," Barbra's romantic duet with Bryan Adams for The Mirror Has Two Faces, premieres nationally on radio.

OCTOBER 23, 1996

In Atlantic City, Barbra is given the ShowEast 1996 Filmmaker of the Year Award. Barbra sends a filmed acceptance. "Mirror" is screened, and audience reaction is overwhelmingly positive. Hollywood Reporter (October 18) and Daily Variety (October 21) do special salutes to Barbra in their ShowEast issues.

OCTOBER 28-29, 1996

At the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, Barbra and the cast of "Mirror" host a press junket to launch the movie.

NOVEMBER 1, 1996

Barbra learns that one of her fans has heard "I Finally Found Someone" on the radio and wants it for her wedding. Though it has not yet been released, Barbra calls Sony to make sure the young bride gets a copy in time for her nuptials.

NOVEMBER 5, 1996

Barbra joins The Clintons in Little Rock to celebrate the President's re-election.

NOVEMBER 10, 1996

The Ziegfield Theater rolls out the red carpet for the World Premiere of "The Mirror Has Two Faces." A lavish party follows.

NOVEMBER 11, 1996

Barbra is the sole guest on "The Oprah Winfrey Show." It's Oprah's top rated interview in two years.

NOVEMBER 12, 1996

Mirror soundtrack and the single "I Finally Found Someone" are released.

NOVEMBER 15, 1996

"Mirror" opens on 2,400 screens nationally. Fans give it glowing reviews; the critics do not. The film makes $12.2 million in its opening weekend, best opening ever for Barbra.

NOVEMBER 24, 1996

Barbra spends the Thanksgiving week in Ireland with James Brolin.

DECEMBER 19, 1996

"The Mirror Has Two Faces" gets four Golden Globe nominations: Barbra, Best Actress Musical/Comedy; Lauren Bacall: Best Supporting Actress; Marvin Hamlisch, Best Score; "I Finally Found Someone," Best Original Song.

JANUARY 1, 1997

"I Finally Found Someone," Barbra's duet with Bryan Adams, is certified as gold by the RIAA. It's Barbra's ninth overall, her first since "Guilty." Also: Jason Gould's autobiographical film, "Inside Out," premieres at the Sundance Film Festival.

JANUARY 19, 1997

At the Golden Globes, Lauren Bacall wins for her performance in "The Mirror Has Two Faces."

FEBRUARY 1, 1997

Variety puts the box office tally for "The Mirror Has Two Faces" at $62 million, $41 million in America.

FEBRUARY 11, 1997

"The Mirror Has Two Faces" receives two Oscar nominations: Lauren Bacall as Best Supporting Actress and Barbra, Marvin Hamlisch, Bryan Adams and Robert "Mutt" Lange for "I Finally Found Someone." Despite requests, Barbra turns down performing the nominated song, so Natalie Cole is lined up instead.

MARCH 24, 1997

Barbra attends the 69th Academy Awards with Jim Brolin. They stop and speak with the media, and Barbra says that she reconsidered doing her song when Natalie Cole was taken ill, but that Celine Dion had already rehearsed it and would be doing the number. When Celine sings "I Finally Found Someone," Barbra is not in the audience; she's in the ladies room.

APRIL 1, 1997

Barwood Films announces two new TV movies in the works: "Varian's War" and "The Long Island Incident."

APRIL 25-27, 1997

Fans gather in Los Angeles for Barbra: The Third Reunion.

MAY 19, 1997

Barbra Streisand and James Brolin officially announce their engagement.

JUNE 16, 1997

Jason Gould appears in the play "Twilight of the Golds," his first London stage experience.


Barbra does post-production on her new album, "Higher Ground," including mixing the duet created for her and Celine Dion, "Tell Him."

OCTOBER 1, 1997

"The Concert" CD is certified multi-platinum, Barbra's 11th.

OCTOBER 7, 1997

"Tell Him," the first release from Barbra's "Higher Ground" album, is broadcast worldwide.

NOVEMBER 11, 1997

"Higher Ground," Barbra's 54th album, is released.

NOVEMBER 16, 1997

"Higher Ground" debuts in the top spot on the Billboard Top 200, Barbra's eighth overall number one. She re-sets records for number one albums in the '60's, '70's, '80's and '90's, longest span between number ones -- People to HG -- and the most multiplatinums among female vocalists -- 12.

NOVEMBER 21, 1997

Barbra finally appears on "The Rosie O'Donnell Show." James Brolin joins Barbra for the final two segments and the show is a resounding success critically and in the Nielsen ratings.

DECEMBER 8, 1997

"Higher Ground" is certified gold, platinum and multiplatinum by RIAA.

JANUARY 6, 1998

Barbra receives two Grammy nominations: Best Collaboration with Vocals category -- "I Finally Found Someone" (duet with Byran Adams) and "Tell Him" (duet with Celine Dion).

JANUARY 20, 1998

Barbra joins fiance James Brolin in New Orleans to attend the NATPE convention.

FEBRUARY 5, 1998

Brolin and Streisand at White House

Barbra and James are guests at the official White House dinner honoring U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie.

FEBRUARY 19, 1998

Barbra and James scuffle with a photographer from the New York Daily News outside the Angelika Theater in Soho. The photographer sues Jim.

FEBRUARY 25, 1998

Barbra's illness forces her to cancel her appearance on The Grammy Awards where she planned to sing "Tell Him" with Celine Dion.

MARCH 9, 1998

Barbra and James appear on the cover of People.

MAY 3, 1998

Barwood Films' TV movie, "The Long Island Incident," airs on NBC. Chariton Heston, a first vice president of the National Rifle Association (NRA) attacks the movie for its anti-gun theme, in particular Barbra's participation.

MAY 19, 1998

The "Funny Lady" soundtrack CD is remastered, re-packaged and re-released by Arista with liner notes are written by Linda Richman -- the real Linda Richman, Mike Meyer's mother-in-law!

MAY 14, 1998

Upon the death of Frank Sinatra, Barbra says, "[He was] the epitome of what singing was all about."

JUNE 14, 1998

In secret, Barbra and James are preparing their wedding. John Travolta would later reveal that after Barbra's mother, "we were the first to know the big news."

JUNE 24, 1998

There's gossip and press about a possible Streisand-Brolin wedding.

JULY 1, 1998

Barbra puts her Central Park West penthouse up for sale.

JULY 1, 1998

Barbra marries James Brolin at their ocean-front estate in Malibu. It is exactly two years to the day the couple met on a blind date. They honeymoon in the Channel Islands.

JULY 20, 1998

Photos from Barbra and Jim's wedding appear on magazines around the world.

AUGUST 27, 1998

Barbra attends the official ceremony when James is honored by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce with the 2,115th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1998

As pressure mounts against Bill Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky situation, Barbra releases a statement supporting the President.

NOVEMBER 1, 1998

Barbra begins work on her next album, tentatively titled "Barbra In Love."

NOVEMBER 1, 1998

Barbra announces the creation of a new hybrid, the Streisand rose, to be sold in 2001.

NOVEMBER 2, 1998

Barbra does her first-ever online chat on AOL. She urges Americans to vote.

JANUARY 1, 1999

Barbra appears on the cover of American Movie Classics magazine.

FEBRUARY 1, 1999

Barwood announces that Barbra will Executive Produce a TV-movie version of "Mame," the Jerry Herman Broadway musical; there's no confirmation that she'll play the role.

FEBRUARY 22, 1999

Barbra records the duet "If You Ever Leave Me" with country star Vince Gill for her upcoming album.

MARCH 16, 1999

Barbra's "King & I" medley from "The Broadway Album" is included in the new animated version of the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical.

APRIL 1, 1999

Barbra's first official website is launched --

APRIL 28, 1999

In anticipation of the Millennium New Year, Barbra agrees to appear at the MGM Grand for two nights -- New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

MAY 2, 1999

Tickets go on sale for The Millennium Concerts.

MAY 16, 1999

President Clinton has brunch with Barbra and Jim at their Malibu home.

JUNE 1, 1999

Jim and Barbra vacation in Greece, Scotland and Italy.

JUNE 21, 1999

In an interview with Fortune magazine, Barbra reveals her success as an online investor.

JUNE 22, 1999

"I've Dreamed of You," Barbra's wedding song and a cut from her upcoming album, is released as a single.

AUGUST 17, 1999

Barbra is interviewed and appears on the cover of The Advocate.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1999

"A Love Like Ours," Barbra's CD of love songs -- dedicated to her husband -- is released.

SEPT EMBER 21-22, 1999

Barbra is interviewed on "The Today Show."

SEPTEMER 30, 1999

"A Love Like Ours" debuts at #6 on the Billboard Top 200 charts.

NOVEMBER 16, 1999

Rosie O'Donnell visits Barbra's home as part of her second TV interview with BJS.

NOVEMBER 22, 1999

Tickets go on sale for "Timeless," Barbra's Millennium concerts.

DECEMBER 14, 1999

The DVD of "The Way We Were" -- packed with extras -- is released.

DECEMBER 18, 1999

Barbra decides to take the "Timeless" concert to Australia and tickets go on sale.

DECEMBER 31, 1999

Timeless -- opens at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas

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