The Barbra Streisand Timeline / 1980-1989

The Barbra Streisand Timeline was written and compiled by Allison Waldman, the author of The Barbra Streisand Scrapbook and Barbra Memories. Allison was a good friend who passed away in 2013 after a long battle with cancer. I received permission from Allison's family to post her timeline on my website because—like all things Allison wrote about Ms. Streisand's career—it was meticulous and factual. Enjoy Allison's Barbra Streisand Timeline, which is spread over five pages, continuing here with the 1980s ...

Pictures of Barbra from the 1940s to the 2010s

JANUARY 1, 1980

Barbra Streisand and Elliott Gould's son, Jason Gould, is bar mitzvahed at the Pacific Jewish Center in Venice, California, with just family and close friends in attendance. Later on, an extravagant party is thrown in Jason's honor at Barbra's home.

FEBRUARY 1, 1980

Barbra begins working on a new pop album with Barry Gibb producing. It's called "Guilty." Also, she and long-time beau Jon Peters separate.

FEBRUARY 27, 1980

At the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, Barbra and Neil Diamond do a duet of "You Don't Bring Me Flowers." In her first time singing at the Grammys, Barbra's gripped with tremendous stage fright backstage, but in the spotlight she and Neil deliver an electrifying performance. It become one of the greatest performances in the history of the award show's broadcast.

APRIL 14, 1980

"All Night Long," a comedy with Lisa Eichhorn and Gene Hackman, begins shooting in LA.

MAY 13, 1980

In a shocking move, Lisa Eichhorn is fired from "All Night Long" and the director's wife, Sue Mengers, Barbra's agent, gets her client to take over the role. Universal pays Barbra a record-breaking $4.5 million plus 15% of the gross for 24-days of work.


Barbra donates $500,000 to U.C.L.A. establishing the Streisand Chair in the Department of Cardiology. Barbra gives another $50,000 to U.C.L.A. to establish Jewish Cultural Arts Center. The gift covers the Hillel Council's Streisand Auditorium in Westwood.

JUNE 1, 1980

Barbra is the host at an A.C.L.U. (American Civil Liberties Union) tribute to songwriters Alan and Marilyn Bergman. She sings their music, including the never-before-heard alternate version of "The Way We Were" which Barbra calls "The Way We Weren't." Neil Diamond then appears from the audience and he and Barbra re-create their Grammy performance of "You Don't Bring Me Flowers."

JUNE 9, 1980

"All Night Long" resumes shooting in L.A. with Barbra now as Gene Hackman's leading lady.

JULY 15, 1980

With composer Michel Legrand and lyricists Alan and Marilyn Bergman, Barbra begins work on the score for "Yentl," deciding to make it a musical in order to find studio backing.

JULY 20, 1980

The Screen Actors Guild goes on strike and "All Night Long" shuts down production with only four days left to shoot the film.

AUGUST 1, 1980

The single "A Woman In Love" from Barbra's new album, "Guilty," is released.


Orion Pictures announces that "Yentl" will be released for Christmas 1981, agreeing to let Barbra star in the film and be the director.

OCTOBER 1, 1980

"Guilty" is released and gets rave reviews. It goes to number one in 12 countries and is a mulit-platinum success.


"All Night Long" finally wraps production.

NOVEMBER 1, 1980

The western epic "Heaven's Gate" opens in America and is an immediate flop. The $40 million disaster forces Hollywood to re-think all films in the pipeline and the cost of run-away productions. Orion decides to back out of the deal to make "Yentl."

JANUARY 1, 1981

Jon Peters and Peter Guber at Polygram Pictures announce that they'll produce "Yentl." The deal later collapses.

MARCH 1, 1981

Torrential rains cause flooding in Malibu. Streisand's Ramirez Canyon home is threatened. Streisand is out directing emergency workers and "working like the devil," to save her home as well as those of her neighbors.

MARCH 6, 1981

"All Night Long" opens and has the poorest showing ever for a Streisand film. Reviews are mixed, some appreciating Barbra's attempts to subjugate her star power and become part of the ensemble. However, after only three weeks in release, Universal pulls it from theaters, acknowledging that it's a flop.

MARCH 31, 1981

Warner Brothers, Columbia, and Paramount all meet with Barbra about "Yentl." She plays each studio head her demo tape of the songs and tells them about the story and why she thinks it'll be commercial. Despite her best efforts, all three companies say no. Finally, MGM-UA, run by Streisand's former agents David Begelman and Freddie Fields, say yes to Barbra's film. Ironically, it was these very same guys who told her not to do "Yentl" in 1967.


Following the disastrous release of "All Night Long," Barbra and agent Sue Mengers end their professional relationship.

APRIL 1, 1981

Barbra, her brother Sheldon, and her mother Diana Kind attend the dedication of the Pacific Jewish Center School which is renamed in honor of Emanuel Streisand. Also, The Streisand Center of the Jewish Cultural Arts at UCLA opens.

AUGUST 13, 1981

Barbra goes to England to begin pre-production on "Yentl" which will film primarily in London.


Filmmaker Kevin Burns wins Best Documentary at the 8th Annual Student Film Awards sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for "I Remember Barbra," a film about how typical Brooklyn folk in modern Flatbush feel about Barbra Streisand.


The Emanuel Streisand School of the Pacific Jewish Center opens in Santa Monica.

FALL 1981

Barbra's new agent is Stan Kamen of the William Morris Agency.

NOVEMBER 1, 1981

CBS releases "Memories," essentially a greatest hits collection with two new songs. It becomes one of her best-selling albums and is even more popular in England -- where it reaches number one -- as a slightly expanded collection of hits called "Love Songs."


Barbra records music for "Yentl" in London.


Before "Yentl" begins principal photography, Streisand shoots a music video for the Andrew Lloyd Webber song "Memory," a preview from his hit show "Cats." Also, Barbra tapes a segment for the television special "I Love Liberty." Choreographer Joe Layton, whom she worked with on "My Name Is Barbra" and most of her other specials, stages her performance of "America, The Beautiful."

MARCH 21, 1982

"I Love Liberty" is broadcast on ABC. APRIL 14, 1982 Filming of "Yentl" begins in London.

MAY 23, 1982

The first Annual Barbra Streisand Awards for Student Filmmakers are presented at the B'Nai B'rith Hillel Foundation at U.C.L.A.

JUNE 8, 1982

Upset about the way the British tabloids have been printing anti-Streisand gossip items, the cast and crew of "Yentl" write a letter in support and praise of Barbra and send it to every publication in London. Only one British trade paper prints the letter. Barbra holds onto the letter, deeply touched by her company's loyalty.

JULY 1, 1982

"Yentl" goes on location in Roztyly, Czechoslovakia, near Prague, to film scenes depicting Yentl's shtetl home, Yanev.

OCTOBER 1, 1982

Streisand wraps principal photography on "Yentl."

MARCH 20, 1983

After spending some time back in Los Angeles, Barbra returns to London to present an award at BAFTA, the UK Oscars. She thanks the British film industry for their cooperation during the filming of "Yentl."

APRIL 8, 1983

Barbra works on the score and editing of "Yentl." To quell bad press, Frank Yablans, vice chairman of MGM-UA, issues a statement reaffirming Streisand's position as producer-director and says she's in complete control of the film.

JUNE 1, 1983

Barbra screens a rough cut of "Yentl" to MGM-UA executives. Their reactions are overwhelmingly positive.

JUNE 5, 1983

Roslyn Kind marries Randy Stone at Barbra's Malibu ranch. Still working on "Yentl," Barbra is unable to attend. The marriage lasts less than a year.

JULY 1, 1983

Barbra is seen out with director Steven Spielberg in London, beginning rumors that they are dating.

Streisand and Spielberg

In fact, she was still editing "Yentl" while he was filming "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom."

FALL 1983

Elliott Gould co-stars with Diana and Roslyn Kind in "It's Up To You," an 18-minute student film by Jason Gould. Barbra helps out behind the scenes.

OCTOBER 12, 1983

"The Way He Makes Me Feel," the first single from "Yentl" is released.

OCTOBER 29, 1983

Barbra is honored by the music division of the United Jewish Appeal Federation Campaign at a dinner in New York. Her escort for the evening is the former Canadian premiere Pierre Trudeau, whom Barbra had dated in 1970.

NOVEMBER 1, 1983

The soundtrack from "Yentl" is released by Columbia Records. Also: Streisand meets Richard Baskin, a lyricist and heir to the Baskin-Robbins ice cream fortune, at a Christmas party.

NOVEMBER 16, 1983

Jon Peters escorts Barbra to the Hollywood premiere of "Yentl."

NOVEMBER 17, 1983

ABC's "20/20" devotes the entire show to Barbra and "Yentl," an hour called "Papa, Watch Me Fly."

DECEMBER 1, 1983

At critic Arthur Knight's USC film class, Barbra talks with students and screens "Yentl."

JANUARY 17, 1984

"Yentl" gets six Golden Globe nominations, including Best Director for Barbra.

JANUARY 28, 1984

Despite expectations, Barbra is not nominated for a Director's Guild Award. Still, at the Golden Globes, Barbra wins the Best Director award and "Yentl" takes the prize as Best Picture -- Musical or Comedy.

JANUARY 29, 1984

Isaac Bashevis Singer, the author of "Yentl, the Yeshiva Boy," conducts an interview with himself in the Sunday New York Times in which he condemns Barbra's film of his short story. He contends that Yentl doesn't sing.

FEBRUARY 1, 1984

Barbra responds to Singer's article, saying, "If a writer doesn't want his work changed, he shouldn't sell it."

FEBRUARY 16, 1984

"Yentl" receives five Oscar nominations, but Barbra is snubbed.

MARCH 14, 1984

Barbra attends the French preview of "Yentl" in Paris.

MARCH 21, 1984

Streisand wears honor on her shirt

Barbra is presented with the French Legion of Honor, La Croix D'Officier Des Arts Et Lettres in Paris.

MARCH 26, 1984

Two of Barbra's bodyguards are arrested in Rome when they stop a photographer from taking pictures of Barbra while she's shopping. They are charged with assault and battery.

Fellini and Streisand

While in Rome, Streisand meets with filmmaker Federico Fellini.


Barbra audits a psychology class at USC about the role of women and men in society.

APRIL 1, 1984

Streisand attends the Tel Aviv premiere of "Yentl."

APRIL 3, 1984

At the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel, Streisand dedicates a building she funded which is named for her father, Emanuel Streisand.

APRIL 9, 1984

In protest of Barbra Streisand's lack of Oscar nominations, picketers march outside the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion where the 56th Annual Academy Awards ceremony is held.

MAY 31, 1984

Barbra receives the Crystal Award from Women In Film in Los Angeles.

JUNE 1, 1984

Barbra attends the Hollywood Women's Political Action Coalition fundraiser.

JUNE 6, 1984

Streisand at NOW award

Barbra is honored by National Organization of Women with their "Woman of Courage" award.

JUNE 14, 1984

Streisand and Roslyn Kind

Elliott Gould joins Barbra and Roslyn and Diana Kind at Jason Gould's graduation from Crossroads High School in Santa Monica.

JUNE 26, 1984

Streisand's film company, Barwood, is placed under the Warner Brothers banner. Cis Corman, a successful Hollywood casting director and Barbra's long-time best friend, is named president of Barwood.

SEPTEMBER 24 - 26, 1984

Barbra shoots her first original music video, "Left in the Dark," in Los Angeles, from her forthcoming album, "Emotion."

FALL 1984

Barbra's life is threatened when an ex-mental patient tries to get into her Beverly Hills home. He's arrested and held for psychiatric observation. Upon his release, he makes death threats against Streisand. He is arrested again.


"Left in the Dark," Streisand's single from "Emotion" is released. It peaks at number 50 on the Billboard charts.

SEPTEMBER 25, 1984

Barbra takes part in a mail campaign to defeat right-wing Senator Jesse Helms in his re-election bid.

OCTOBER 1, 1984

"Emotion" is released. Columbia is high on its potential to be as big a pop album as "Guilty." It fails to break into the top ten on Billboard, but does go platinum

NOVEMBER 1, 1984

Barbra goes to London with Richard Baskin to shoot a second music video from "Emotion," the title song.

NOVEMBER 14, 1984

Having completed the "Emotion" video, Streisand returns to the U.S.

DECEMBER 1, 1984

Because of "Emotion's" lack of success, Barbra decides that her next record will be a return to her roots, Broadway music. Columbia is totally against the idea.

DECEMBER 3, 1984

Barbra Streisand is given the prestigious Scopus Laureate Award from the American Friends of Hebrew University in Los Angeles.

JANUARY 1, 1985

Working on "The Broadway Album," Barbra calls composer Stephen Sondheim and he agrees to rework some of his songs especially for her. Their collaboration is the start of a long friendship.

FEBRUARY 1, 1985

Barbra and Roslyn Kind attend a luncheon honoring their mother for her support of the Shaare Zedek Medical Center Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit for Women of Shaare Zedek in Los Angeles.

MARCH 1, 1985

Barbra asks Peter Matz, whom she worked with early in her career on her first albums, to produce "The Broadway Album."

JULY 1, 1985

Barbra shoots "The Broadway Album" cover picture on stage at the Plymouth Theatre in New York.

JULY 22, 1985

Barbra records "The Broadway Album." Stephen Sondheim visits the studio to watch her work and make suggestions.


Streisand agrees that "Nuts" will be her next picture. Barwood Films acquires the rights to the project. Mark Rydell, who has been developing the film, will direct.

SEPTEMBER 13, 1985

"The Barbara Walters 10th Anniversary Special" airs on ABC. Barbra appears and talks about "The Broadway Album."

OCTOBER 28, 1985

Streisand shoots the "Somewhere" music video at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, the first single from "The Broadway Album."

NOVEMBER 4, 1985

"The Broadway Album" is released. Barbra calls it, "A return to my roots" singing theater music. The reviews are excellent and Barbra feels vindicated.

NOVEMBER 8, 1985

Barbra promises the proceeds from the "Somewhere" single to two charities: Pro-Choice, an anti-nuclear movement, and AmFar, which represent AIDS research.

JANUARY 1, 1986

Barbra officially re-teams with personal manager Martin Erlichman, whom had stepped aside during the time that Jon Peters was Barbra's boyfriend and unofficial manager.

JANUARY 10, 1986

Barwood Pictures purchases the rights to Larry Kramer's controversial play about AIDS, "The Normal Heart."

JANUARY 25, 1986

Defying all the odds and Columbia Records low expectations for the album, "The Broadway Album" goes to number one on the Billboard chart.

FEBRUARY 25, 1986

At the Grammys, Barbra presents the Trustee's Award to the Gershwins.

MARCH 11, 1986

Barbra announces she'll direct and produce "The Normal Heart."

MARCH 24, 1986

Barbra appears at the Oscars, two years after being snubbed for "Yentl." She presents the Best Director Oscar -- after being introduced with a film montage to her singing "Putting It Together" from "The Broadway Album" -- a sign that Hollywood is acknowledging her directing credit. The winner is Sydney Pollack for "Out of Africa." Barbra croons "Memories..." before announcing Sydney's name.

APRIL 1, 1986

Streisand's HBO musical special, "Putting It Together: The Making of The Broadway Album," is released.


Mark Rydell exits "Nuts." Martin Ritt is signed to direct the film. Barbra will star and produce.

MAY 1, 1986

Barbra accepts New York Governor Mario Cuomo's proclamation declaring Women In Film Week for New York. Dustin Hoffman presents Barbra the award and implies they will be working on a film project very soon.

Streisand with Women in Film award


Final pre-production on "Nuts." Dustin Hoffman, who had been rumored to be Barbra's co-star, is no longer involved. Richard Dreyfus is cast as Levinsky instead.

JULY 1, 1986

Barbra announces that she'll host a fundraising concert in her Malibu ranch. The proceeds go to help elect Democratic senators in their campaigns. The event is invitation only, with attendees -- mostly Hollywood stars -- donating $2,500 per ticket.


"One Voice" is Barbra's first live concert in many years occurs on her property in Malibu where a stage has been created and 500 guests are seated in an outdoor theater setting. The show is videotaped and recorded, and will become an HBO special, a video and a Columbia Records album. Proceeds from the video and record go to the Streisand Foundation for distribution to worthy charities. Backing the project is the Hollywood Women's Political Action Committee, raising money to ensure that six Democratic Senators are returned to Congress.


Barbra and playwright Larry Kramer have major differences about how "The Normal Heart" should be transferred to the screen. He leaves the project.

OCTOBER 2, 1986

Twenty years after first airing on TV, "My Name Is Barbra" and "Color Me Barbra" are released on video. Barbra records new introductions to the specials, reflecting on how they were created.


The Museum of Broadcasting presents "Barbra Streisand: The Television Works," a retrospective of her TV specials and other television performances.

OCTOBER 20, 1986

Streisand begins filming "Nuts" in New York and Hollywood.

OCTOBER 30, 1986

The Streisand Foundation donates $450,000, proceeds from "One Voice," to environmental support groups and organizations which protect civil liberties.

DECEMBER 14, 1986

Barbra hosts the Scopus Laureate Award from American Friends of Hebrew University in honor of Steven Spielberg.

DECEMBER 27, 1986

HBO broadcasts the TV special, "One Voice."

JANUARY 1, 1987

"The Broadway Album" is nominated for four Grammy Awards, including Best Album and Best Female Vocalist.

FEBRUARY 24, 1987

At the Grammys, Barbra wins for Best Female Vocalist; it's her eighth. She is given a standing ovation and tells the audience that she won her first Grammy 24 years before… and with luck she might be back in another 24 years. (Streisand was back in 2011; winning a nomination, but not the Grammy.)

APRIL 20, 1987

Columbia Records releases "One Voice," Barbra's new album. All of the proceeds go to the Streisand Foundation.

MAY 1, 1987

Barbra appears on the cover of Life magazine with fellow Oscar-winners Jessica Lange, Goldie Hawn, Jane Fonda, and Sally Field as the most powerful women in Hollywood.

MAY 10, 1987

Barbra attends the ASCAP Pop Awards in L.A. to receive an award for "Evergreen," one of the most played ballads of the past ten years.

JUNE 1, 1987

Barbra works on the post-production of "Nuts." She has final cut of the film, not director Martin Ritt. She decides to compose the musical score for the film.

JULY 31, 1987

Barwood's first television pilot, "Mabel and Max," airs.

AUGUST 1, 1987

Barbra puts her 24-acre Malibu ranch up for sale. The asking price is $18 million.

NOVEMBER 1, 1987

Streisand endows a professorship at the University of Southern California. Barrie Thorne is named the first Streisand Professor of Intimacy and Sexuality.

NOVEMBER 18, 1987

"Nuts" opens in New York and Los Angeles.

DECEMBER 21, 1987

Columbia releases Streisand's musical score for “Nuts” -- all 13 minutes -- as a CD.

JANUARY 22, 1988

Barbra and "Miami Vice" star Don Johnson go out on their first public date. They're sitting ringside at the championship boxing match between Mike Tyson and Larry Holmes in Atlantic City.

FEBRUARY 26, 1988

Barbra goes to Florida to watch Don film "Miami Vice." She does a walk-on in the episode "Badge of Dishonor."

MARCH 1, 1988

"Nuts" is not part of the Oscar nominations announcement.

APRIL 1, 1988

Barbra attends the ShoWest Convention in Las Vegas where she's given their Star of the Decade award.

MAY 17, 1988

Barbra attends a performance of "Phantom of the Opera" on Broadway, starring her former "Hello, Dolly!" co-star Michael Crawford.

JUNE 19, 1988

Streisand and Don Johnson go to the National Basketball Association championship game between the Detroit Pistons and the Los Angeles Lakers at the Forum.

JULY 16, 1988

SANE video

The S.A.N.E. (Substance Abuse Narcotics Education) Telethon airs in Los Angeles area with a taped message from Streisand in support of their efforts.

JULY 19, 1988

Barbra and Don Johnson go to Dodger Stadium in L.A. to watch a baseball game.


Barbra goes to a fundraising dinner in New York with Richard Baskin for presidential hopeful Michael Dukakis.


Barbra joins Stevie Wonder on stage at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, where he is performing.

SEPTEMBER 14, 1988

Barbra attends a reception in honor of Clint Eastwood and his new film "Bird" at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Streisand at Eastwood function

SEPTEMBER 18, 1988

Streisand and Don Johnson attend the opening of his new film, "Sweethearts Dance," in Los Angeles.

Johnson and Streisand at premiere

OCTOBER 6, 1988

Barbra's new single, a duet with Don Johnson called "Till I Loved You," is released.

OCTOBER 25, 1988

The "Till I Loved You" album is released.

OCTOBER 16, 1988

Barbra sings at a fundraiser for Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis.

OCTOBER 19, 1988

Barbra and Richard Baskin attend the Cary Grant tribute at the Beverly Hills Hilton to benefit the Princess Grace Foundation.

DECEMBER 20, 1988

Streisand goes skiing and spends the holidays in Sun Valley, Idaho.

OCTOBER 1, 1989

Barbra's new album, a repackaged greatest hits volume called "Barbra Streisand A Collection, Greatest Hits and More" is released. There are two new songs on the album.

NOVEMBER 12, 1989

Barbra speaks out at Mobilize For Women's Lives, an abortion rights rally in Rancho Park, California.

DECEMBER 1, 1989

Barbra works on pre-production of her new film project, "The Prince of Tides," in which she'll act, direct and produce.

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