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Barbra on TV: The 1970s

Legrand Special 1970 Oscars Today Show 1962

Spécial Michel Legrand

February 19, 1970

French Television—2eme chaîne

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42nd Academy Awards

April 7, 1970


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Tony Awards

April 19, 1970


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Sullivan Entertainer of the Year Awards A World of Love Burt Bacharach Show

Ed Sullivan Show [Entertainer of the Year Awards]

September 20, 1970


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A World of Love

December 22, 1970


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Singer Presents Burt Bacharach

March 14, 1971


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Ed Sullivan 1962 NARC commercials Entertainer of the Year Awards

The David Frost Show

Spring 1971

(unaired) Group W Network

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National Association for Retarded Children (NARC)

1971 Public Service Commercial

More NARC Commercials

The Entertainer of the Year Awards

January 14, 1972


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Other Musical Instruments with Ray Charles Today Show Peoples Choice Awards

Barbra Streisand And Other Musical Instruments

November 2, 1973


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The Today Show

February 21-22, 1975


Barbara Walters' first interview with Streisand.

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The People’s Choice Awards

March 4, 1975


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Funny Girl to Funny Lady AFI Salute to Wyler Barbara Walters Special

Funny Girl to Funny Lady

March 9, 1975


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AFI Salute to William Wyler

March 14, 1976


Barbra was one of the stars who came onstage to toast William Wyler at the AFI ceremony. Wyler was Streisand’s director for Funny Girl. “I’m gonna surprise you, Willie,” Streisand teased, wearing her new, curly hairdo. “I’m only gonna speak for a minute, ya know? Not like the old days on the set.”

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The Barbara Walters Special

December 14, 1976


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Good Night America Golden Globe Awards Peoples Choice Awards

Geraldo Rivera’s Good Night America

January 27, 1977


Barbra's A Star is Born held an opening party at New York's Tavern on the Green, with Streisand wearing a tuxedo. Television journalist Geraldo Rivera was at the party with his cameras and interviewed Barbra, Jon Peters, and Kris Kristofferson. The footage aired a few weeks later on Geraldo Rivera’s Good Night America.

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Golden Globe Awards

January 30, 1977

A Star is Born won “Best Musical,” “Best Actress,” & “Best Song.” Jon Peters joined Barbra onstage

People’s Choice Awards

February 10, 1977

Barbra won “Favorite Motion Picture Actress”

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1977 Grammy Awards With One More Look at You TV special 1977 Oscar

19th Grammy Awards

February 19, 1977


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Barbra: With One More Look At You

Syndicated, 1977

Documentary about the making of A Star is Born; featured live footage of Streisand singing at Sun Devil Stadium.

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49th Academy Awards

March 28, 1977


Barbra sang “Evergreen,” won Oscar for co-writing song.

Watch Oscar video of Barbra and Paul Williams accepting the award

Iain Johnstone interview 1978 Grammy Israel at 30

Iain Johnstone Interview

March 6, 1977 (Film '77)
March 18, 1977


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20th Grammy Awards

February 23, 1978

Streisand and Paul Williams won Grammy for “Evergreen” (Best Song of the Year).

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The Stars Salute Israel at 30

May 8, 1978


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David Sheehan interview Streisand at Hitchcock AFI Getting in Shape for Main Event

Up Close with David Sheehan

December 6, 1978


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AFI Salutes Alfred Hitchcock

March 12, 1979


Streisand was one of many celebrities in the audience at the salute to director Alfred Hitchock. She appeared a couple of times on the television broadcast in audience reaction shots.

Getting in Shape for The Main Event

June 21, 1979


Documentary about the making of The Main Event. An edited version was included on the Warner Brothers DVD.

Mike Walsh interview in Malibu

The Mike Walsh Show

August 13-16, 1979

Nine Network, Australia

Great multi-part interview by John Michael Howson with Streisand at her Malibu home.

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