Places That Belong To You (1991)
For All We Know (1991)

Places That Belong to You video:


“The Prince of Tides” Music Videos

Barbra sang two songs on The Prince of Tides soundtrack, although neither appeared in the film. Music videos were edited together to publicize the film using the songs.

“Places That Belong to You,” a new song by Marilyn and Alan Bergman and James Newton Howard, featured a dramatically lit Streisand in the recording studio, and many scenes from The Prince of Tides.

“For All We Know” used footage of Barbra singing in the recording studio, mixed with a montage of love scenes from her previous films, including Tides.

Streisand music videos

For All We Know video:

The highlight of the "Places" video is some Prince of Tides outtakes, which have, to date, only been available on the Criterion laser disc, which is no longer available.

Barbra expained her choice of “For All We Know” on the Prince of Tides soundtrack CD liner notes: “One of the presents my son Jason gave me for my last birthday was a CD of the classic Billie Holiday album 'Lady in Satin'—it was one of the few albums I'd ever bought when I was 16 years old. I needed a melody for a scene in The Prince of Tides where Nick Nolte and I dance together at The Rainbow Room. One of the songs on Billie's record was 'For All We Know.' It was so beautiful and the lyric so perfect—as if it were written especially for the film...”


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