My Heart Belongs to Me (1977)

Barbra started working with The Entertainment Company for her 1977 album, Superman. Comprised of producers Gary Klein and Charles Koppelman, The Entertainment Company promoted song catalogs, acquired major songs, and produced a series of hits in which superstar recording artists were paired together.

Charles Koppelman described his job as “listening to songs, hearing a song and feeling it would be right for a particular artist to sing, and convincing that artist that he or she should sing it. And then finding a producer to produce it, making sure the music comes out in a way that matches my original vision, the way I imagined it when I first heard it. It’s incredibly simple, and it’s incredibly difficult.”

Barbra started recording the album in April 1977. One month later, Columbia Records released “My Heart Belongs To Me” as a single in advance of the new album. Columbia Records and Barbra put together a “publicity film” for “My Heart Belongs To Me”. It was shown at Columbia’s 1977 convention to industry insiders. Barbra lip-synched to the track. During the musical interlude, she “conducted” the orchestra, then started coughing from the smoke machines, all very comedic. At the end of the video, she spun toward the camera and made a funny face, then bowed to the sound of clapping hands.


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