“Guilty Pleasures” Music Videos (2005)

For Barbra Streisand's 2005 reunion album with Barry Gibb—Guilty Pleasures—Columbia Records and Streisand's team filmed four music videos on June 9 and 11, 2005. The videos were created using state-of-the-art 24p Hi-Definition format and were filmed on the Barbra Streisand Scoring Stage at Columbia Studios.

All of the videos (and an interview segment) were released by Columbia Records on the Guilty Pleasures DualDisc—one side of the disc contained the full-length CD audio album. The other side offered DVD content.

Guilty Pleasures Music Videos:

Stranger In A Strange Land

Streisand performing Stranger in a Strange Land


Above the Law




Letting Go

“It’s a great sounding room and they have a beautiful piano there,” record producer John Merchant said of the Barbra Streisand Scoring Stage at Columbia Studios. “The song [‘Letting Go’] is a simple piano-vocal. Barbra said, ‘Let’s do a pass of that!’ The first take was magic; now it’s included on the DualDisc.”

“Guilty Pleasures” Video Credits

  • Videos directed & Produced by: Rick Walker
  • Co-Producer/Post Production Supervisor: Michael Arick
  • Production Manager/Assistant Director: Bruce A. Simon
  • Director of Photography: Rick Walker
  • Lighting Consultant: Laszlo Kovacs
  • Camera Operators: Parker Bartlett, Phil Hurn
  • Jib Operators: Brian Getkie, Lee Grover
  • Video Engineer: Tony Salgado
  • Gaffer: Todd Sater
  • Key Grip: Robert Forrest
  • ENG Camera Operator: Ed Riley
  • ENG Sound Mixer: Michael Sakaniwa
  • Sound Mixer: Bill Bass
  • Sound A2: Keith Winner
  • Key Makeup for Barbra Streisand: David DeLeon
  • Key Hair for Barbra Streisand: Soonie Paik

Filmed at the Barbra Streisand Scoring Stage at Columbia Studios.

[Photo, below: Streisand smiles as the clapperboard (which marks the sound and scene being recorded) is clapped.]



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