Emotion + “Making Emotion” (1985)

Barbra's looks in the Emotion video

Streisand in Emotion

“Emotion” Credits

Directed by: Richard Baskin & Barbra Streisand

Producer: Teri Schwartz

A Barwood Production

Filmed at Jacob Street Studios, London


Husband (Reggie): Roger Daltrey

Window Washer: Kenny Ortega

Himself: Mikhail Baryshnikov

“Emotion” was the second music video and also the title track of Barbra's 1984 pop album.

The music video for “Emotion” showcased Streisand's humorous side. Barbra dressed up in glamorous makeup, acted with co-stars Roger Daltrey and Mikhail Baryshnikov, and paid homage to director Bernardo Bertolucci's 1970 film The Conformist. Even the director of Barbra's 2000 Timeless concert tour, Kenny Ortega, made a cameo appearance in the Emotion video as the window washer.

Kenny Ortega in Emotion

The nightclub scene at the end of the video featured British club personalities Philip Salon, Scarlett, and Tasty Tim.

Club Kids

Emotion was directed by Barbra Streisand and her boyfriend at the time, Richard Baskin. Baskin had his own showbiz credits, including songs for the Robert Altman film Nashville.

The music video was filmed October 1985 in London. It featured Streisand-inspired art direction (the interiors of the glamorous house color-coordinated with Barbra's clothes!)

Scene from The Conformist

One scene in the video was inspired by Bertolucci's 1970 film, The Conformist (pictured above).

Barbra stars in Emotion video

Watch the entire video here (if it's still available on YouTube):


The Making of Barbra Streisand’s Emotion

In addition to the music video, Columbia Records also produced The Making of Barbra Streisand’s “Emotion”. The promotional documentary film was released to national movie theaters in February 1985. At 6:38 minutes in length, the film played in theaters across the nation as a trailer before the feature movie started.

Barbra was seen at the beginning of the documentary, sniffling from a cold, and talking about emotion: “How do you visualize emotion? What does emotion mean to me? I guess to everybody it’s very personal ... I’ve always been drawn to the sensual.”

Making Emotion

The documentary showed behind-thescenes shots of director Richard Baskin and costar Roger Daltrey (playing her nerdy husband).

Emotion theatrical poster

Barbra spoke about the color palette and camera lenses, and Richard Baskin said some nice things about working with Barbra. We even got a glimpse of them kissing on the set!

The video-makers were shown working on the color-coordinated dream-video, filmed at the Jacob Street Studios in London. Barbra, her voice over the footage, said the experience was like making a little film and joked that Daltrey “kept wanting to make this into a feature.”

Barbra also told the story about how she managed to get Mikhail Baryshnikov into the video: “... we were having dinner in a Chinese restaurant and in walks Mischa ... and I said, ‘Hi! Do you want to be in my video?’” The reason for casting Baryshnikov was clear to Streisand: “In one’s fantasies, Baryshnikov would leap across the stage, sweep you off your feet and sweep you out the door.”

Watch this video at YouTube (if still available):


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