Now with Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric

Broadcast January 20, 1993 (NBC)

Couric and Streisand

Covering the Bill Clinton Inaugural festivities, Katie Couric interviewed Barbra Streisand at the Arkansas Ball.

Katie: Why did you come by this particular ball?

Streisand: (laughs) Because I think President Clinton is coming here [...] It's not like what I expected. You know, like when you saw President Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy? It was in a big hallway. I don't know, it's not what I imagined.

Katie: Why was it so important for you and other people from Hollywood to attend this inauguration?

Streisand: Me and people like me have been very disastified with the government for the last 12 years. I feel that people can really make a difference. So my foundation supported a lot of Get Out The Vote, the women's vote—after all, we're 52 percent of the population and we're not represented in government. And I think people really realize that they can make a difference, that one vote counts, you know? So we felt impowered. And people of color, and Jewish people, and women ... we elected this man! He is of the people. We chose him.

Katie: [...] Were you terrified to sing in front of that many people [at the Inaugural Gala]?

Streisand: I did it the night before for the people who came for free. They just had to bring a bag of groceries for the homeless, which I thought was lovely. Yeah, I haven't sung for 18,000 people since McGovern, 1972. But I must say the people are wonderful. They're yelling out things from the stands, “Barbra, you're like butter,” and it was very nice to feel them, you know? And I just feel so celebratory that we have this new and vibrant, young leadership that this country really needs. I wanted to feel a part of history.

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