Vidal Sassoon's Your New Day

Aired: February 6, 1981 — Syndicated

Diana Kind talks to Barbra Streisand on the phone

Hosted by hair designer Vidal Sassoon, Your New Day was a half-hour daytime television show which featured self-help segments, and was billed as an “energy and self-awareness show.”

Barbra Streisand's mother, Diana Kind, appeared on this episode — “famous moms” (along with Vidal's mother, Betty Sassoon, and actress Cindy Williams' mother Frances).

Diana Kind shared photos of Barbra, sister Roslyn Kind, and brother Sheldon. At one point, Streisand called into the show, and Diana talked to her over the telephone. Sassoon also asked Diana to sing; she sang “You're My Everything” a cappella.

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Sassoon: What is it like to be the mother of Barbra Streisand? Has it changed your life? Is your life better?

Mrs. Kind: Changed? No. I am what I am. Better? Yes. Her success is still unbelievable.

Sassoon: Was she the same forceful person as a child?

Mrs. Kind: Not tremendously forceful as a child. She liked to do what she wanted to do. My cute little girl. And Sheldon kept very busy. Barbra was no more trouble than any other child. We would even all sing—Roslyn, Barbra and Sheldon. I was an actress at home. My father had a wonderful voice. He would sing Cantorial pieces at home—a great voice. Although he didn’t practice professionally.

Sassoon: Would you say that Barbra is extremely beautiful or— because she has this tremendous charisma and excitement that makes her beautiful?

Mrs. Kind: Both, both.

Sassoon: She certainly has the bone structure. What are your other children doing? Roslyn sings. . .

Mrs. Kind: Sheldon is in real estate. (Phone rings on set)

Sassoon: Hello? Diana, it’s for you!

Mrs. Kind: Hello Barbra!

Barbra: Mom, I can’t believe that you’re not nervous.

Mrs. Kind: But I am.

Barbra: They said you were doing fine backstage.

Mrs. Kind: Then you see I am a good actress.

Barbra: You certainly are, mom! Are you having a good time?

Mrs. Kind: Wonderful, it’s great. I love Vidal. He’s so handsome.

Barbra: Well, don’t get any ideas, mom!

Mrs. Kind: And his mother Betty is nice too. I’m having a wonderful time.

Barbra: Don’t let it become a habit, mom—I can’t stand the competition. You know what I mean?

Mrs. Kind: Don’t worry! Lots of love . . . nice of you to call.

Barbra: You sound like you’re home—“nice of you to call.” (Laughs)

Mrs. Kind: But I didn’t expect it!

Barbra: Then how come you answered the phone “Hello Barbra”? I didn’t say a word!

Mrs. Kind: I heard your voice!

Barbra: I was breathing! Now be a good girl, mom!

Mrs. Kind: Okay, you too! Bye Bye!

Sassoon: How exciting! A call from Barbra! Now, you were a singer also? Did Barbra get her voice from you?

Mrs. Kind: Yes, through me, and I from my dad.


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