The Today Show

Aired: September 15-17, 1986 on NBC

Streisand and Steinem on Today Show

Gloria Steinem was guest-hosting on The Today Show and intervieweded Barbra Streisand at her home on September 7, 1986 — the day after she sang live (One Voice).

Steinem's interview with Streisand aired on The Today Show over three days later that month.

The two women talked about many topics, including what Streisand would do on vacation. “My vacation is actually to do things that most people ... want to get away from,” she said. “To me, cooking in the kitchen and cleaning up and going shopping is like a treat.”

Barbra spoke about working with others, too. “For many years . . . I expected people to do their job well. I mean, I was trying to do my job well, so l expected you to do your job well. And you don't get pats for that.”

When Steinem asked about being a powerful woman, Streisand responded, “I don't think being powerful is to be ruthless or to be unkind, or to yell and scream. I don’t think that's powerful at all,” she stated. “I really enjoy the power of being gentle. ... I enjoyed tremendously dlrecting Yentl. That is a powerful position ... I found that a very humbling experience. I didn't have to raise my voice, because everybody was finally listening. I would talk very, very low.

“And by having power in that sense, I became very patient, very maternal. It's like as if I was this mother, and they were my children, and I had to protect them. And I had to be at their service to get the very best from everyone.”


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