Miami Vice
“Badge of Dishonor”
[Season 4; Episode 18]
(Aired March 18, 1988)

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In 1988, Barbra Streisand and Don Johnson started making public appearances together. The rumors were that they were dating, and that they met in Aspen, Colorado over the holidays. Barbra and Don ended up working together in 1988, too: Streisand made a cameo appearance on Johnson's big TV show, Miami Vice, and Johnson sang a duet with Streisand on her October 1988 album, Till I Loved You.

Barbra Streisand filmed her cameo walk-on for the Miami Vice episode on Monday, February 23, 1988.

Streisand and director Compton

The scene was filmed in the late afternoon at Bayside, a shopping center and marina in Miami.

Streisand walks through the shot

Director Richard Compton worked with Streisand and Miami Vice stars Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas several times to get the shot, and the crew wrapped about 8:00pm.

Streisand laughs as she walks off camera

After Streisand was off camera, she laughed.

Streisand and crew

Streisand and the crew gathered around the Ferrari—it's a wrap!

On the Miami Vice episode, the short scene played out simply:

Streisand walking down the dock

Crockett and Tubbs (Johnson and Thomas) drive along the marina in their white Ferrari Testarossa, passing a lone pedestrian.

Streisand walking in front of yacht

They stop on the dock in front of a yacht. The woman pedestrian walks by.

Streisand in Miami Vice cameo

As Crockett gets out of the car to join Tubbs ...

Johnson glances at Streisand

.... He glances inquisitively at her.

Johnson and Streisand at Bally's Hotel

On February 24, 1988, Barbra and Don attended the 14th Annual NATO/ShoWest Convention at Bally's Hotel in Las Vegas where Barbra was presented the Star of the Decade Award from the National Theater Owners. “Sorry I was a little late,” Barbra quipped, “but I was auditioning for a part on Miami Vice.”

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