20/20—Barbra Streisand: Papa Watch Me Fly (1983)

Aired: November 17, 1983 on ABC

Geraldo Rivera was a journalist that Barbra Streisand could trust. She gave him unlimited access to her as she filmed her directorial debut, Yentl. In November 1983, the hour-long special was shown on the ABC news program, 20/20. Excited Streisand fans got an amazing, honest, and in-depth look at Barbra at work, as well as her gorgeous home.

Geraldo and Streisand

One of the most fascinating sequences of the television interview was in the recording studio...

Streisand records YENTL

Barbra, singing “The Way He Makes Me Feel” discussed how an earlier recording was different from the sound mix in the final film. Marilyn and Alan Bergman (lyrics) and Michel Legrand (music, conductor) were present.

Scenes from Geraldo interview

Geraldo Rivera and his cameras spent some time on location with Streisand as she filmed Yentl. Scenes of Barbra filming “This is One of Those Moments”, and on the boat lensing “Piece of Sky” were shown.

Streisand on 20-20

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