A World of Love (1970)

Aired on CBS: December 22, 1970

A World of Love as listed in TV Guide

CBS aired a holiday special in 1970 that focused on children around the world. Shirley MacLaine was hostess of the show supporting UNICEF (The United Nations Children's Fund). She introduced the television audience to a U.N. General Assembly chamber packed with the children of U.N. personnel, many of them in native costumes.

A World of Love newspaper ad, 1970

In the course of an hour, Julie Andrews reminisced on a Christmas theme; Richard Burton had a reading and told a story of his childhood; and Audrey Hepburn and a group of children sat on a Roman hillside and sang “Silent Night” in Italian.

Streisand sings Best Gift

Barbra sang “The Best Gift” (from her Christmas Album.) The number was staged with Barbra surrounded by a group of children. She taped the guest spot while she was appearing live in Las Vegas.

Special thanks to Arne in Copenhagen for the photos on this page! Arne took the photos from his television screen back in 1971 when the UNICEF special A World Of Love was shown on the Danish television.

Video of Barbra singing the song from A World of Love:


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