Barbra: With One More Look At You (1977)

Barbra - With One More Look At You
  • Syndicated, 1977
  • Produced for Kaleidoscope Films by: Andrew J. Kuehn, Jeff Werner
  • Directed by: Andrew J. Kuehn
  • Cinematography by: José Luis Mignone, Erik Daarsted, Steve Poster
  • Designed and Edited by: Jeff Werner
  • With the Help of: Phil Ramone, Laura Ziskin, Joan Marshall Ashby, Deborah Luster, Paul Ryan, Carey Lindley, Gregory McClatchy, Peter Donen

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Newspaper ad for Streisand tv special

Comprised of concert footage filmed at Arizona's Sun Devil Stadium, Grady Gammage auditorium at Arizona State University, scenes from the film, and interviews, this hour-long television special publicized Barbra's new movie, A Star Is Born.

TV Guide ad for One More Look At You

Separated into five acts, the special examined one of the Star is Born songs in each act.

Screen caps of the Star is Born TV special

Fans were treated to studio footage showing Barbra experimenting with different arrangements for the songs. The heavily edited, alternate version of the last song, “Watch Closely Now,” was shown on the special (as opposed to the one-take version that ended up in the final film).

Kris Kristofferson, Jon Peters, Barbra, and Phil Ramone were all interviewed for the TV show on camera.

Scenes from With One More Look At You

The best part of the whole special was seeing Barbra, in glorious voice, entertaining the masses at Sun Devil Stadium.


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