The David Frost Show

Unaired on Group W: Spring 1971

David Frost interviews Barbra Streisand

The David Frost Show was a 90-minute syndicated program which aired daily from 1969 – 1972. The show was syndicated to stations across America who were affiliated with Group W Productions—the U.S. Westinghouse Corporation television stations.

Frost was a British television personality most famous for his TV interview with President Richard Nixon.

The David Frost Show usually featured one guest for 90 minutes, with Frost sitting opposite asking probing questions.

Barbra Streisand taped an episode of The David Frost Show in 1971 (probably to promote her album, Stoney End).

When Frost asked her about Jewish families, Barbra replied, “The Jewish people relate love and food. If they love you, they want you to eat. And the fatter you get, the more they love you.”

Frost also asked her, “What have you found out so far?” and Streisand flirted with him, “You ask these questions!” she said. “I found lots of things out by having a child,” she continued, explaining that boy children have the same feelings as girl children. “It's quite beautiful to find a man who's as vulnerable as he is strong.”

On the show, Streisand sang two songs in front of the studio audience — “I Don’t Know Where I Stand” and “Didn’t We.”

Streisand sings on Frost show

The interview with David Frost was never aired due to legal issues: Streisand had an unfulfilled contract for television specials with CBS—her guest spot on The Burt Bacharach Show was about to air on that network —and Frost's show aired on Group W.

Watch Streisand sing “Didn’t We” on The David Frost Show [YouTube]


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