What’s My Line (1964 & 1965)

Aired: April 12, 1964 on CBS

What's My Line?

Hosted by John Daly in 1964, What's My Line? ran on CBS, and was produced by game show tycoons Goodson-Todman. The game worked like this: The mystery guest came on stage and signed his or her name on a black board. A blindfolded celebrity panel tried to guess who the mystery guest was by asking pointed questions. The guest usually tried to disguise her voice in order to throw the panel off.

Barbra signs the black board

On the 1964 show, Streisand entered and wrote “Barbraesi Streisand?" on the black board. She spoke in a lower register and affected a French accent in order to trick the panel. Dorothy Killgallen and Gore Vidal, members of the panel, guessed it was Barbra pretty quickly!

“This is such a strange feeling because I did watch [What's My Line?] so many times, every Sunday night,” Barbra explained to the panel. “It was my last chance at freedom before I had to go to school the next day.”

Photos of Streisand on Whats My Line 1964

What’s My Line (1965)

Broadcast on CBS, April 25, 1965

For her appearance on the 1965 episode, Barbra entered and the audience cheered wildly. She wrote “My name is Barbra” on the black board. Barbra, disguising her voice by speaking Italian, again tried to fool the blindfolded guests. However, they quickly guessed that she was “the inimitable Barbra Streisand”. And by making an appearance on the game show, Barbra plugged her first solo television show, My Name Is Barbra.

Streisand on 1965 Whats My Line?