The Mike Douglas Show (1963)

Streisand and Mike Douglas

Mike Douglas was a daytime television legend. Rosie O'Donnell credited Mr. Douglas with having a huge influence on her talk show style. Mike Douglas' show began on KYW-TV in Cleveland, Ohio in the early 1960's. He continued to broadcast entertaining shows which combined talk and songs well into the late 1970's.

Mike Douglas on Valentines show with Streisand

Mike Douglas invited Barbra to be his co-host for an entire week on his nationally syndicated talk show in 1963, which taped in Cleveland, Ohio. “We gave her the first significant, prolonged, national TV exposure, that is, during hours when the majority of viewers were awake.”

Mike remembered in his memoire I'll Be Right Back: “She was brilliant. We kidded around, doing Nelson Eddy-Jeanette MacDonald duets* in costume. We got down on the floor and played a game she'd played as a child — kind of tiddlywinks with bottle caps. Those shows were classics.”

[* “Sweetheart, Sweatheart, Sweatheart”]

Like many early television shows, Douglas' episode tapes were erased or recorded over. In fact, he sued Westinghouse for the loss of the tapes.

“I once stayed home from school for a week because Barbra Streisand was on. Mike Douglas used to have guests on for a week. I was like, ‘I’m not leaving this room!’ because I was just obsessed with her, like everybody was.”

— actor Victor Garber

Douglas and Streisand clown around

Rare photos above courtesy of Rafe Chase, from his collection.

Below is a set of photographs from one of the Douglas shows with Streisand. In the photos, an exercise instructor gets Douglas and Streisand to join her doing some calisthenics.

Below: Streisand with jazz trumpeter Jonah Jones, and Mike Douglas.

Trumpet player and Streisand

Finally, below is another animated set of photographs of several guests on the Douglas show, with Barbra sharing the microphone:

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