The Merv Griffin Show (1962)

Possibly Broadcast November 5, 1962

Merv Griffin

Television legend Merv Griffin died in 2007. Griffin was an early Streisand fan and even went to some lengths to promote her career.

It was Griffin who arranged for Streisand to participate in the Press Correspondents dinner for President Kennedy in 1963.

Also, it was Merv Griffin who Emceed An Evening for John Lindsay in 1969 in which he introduced Barbra as a "super Superstar."

Merv Griffin's first daytime talk show was on the air from 1962—1963 on NBC (in color).

Barbra Archives came across a TV Guide listingfor the Smothers Brothers and Barbra Streisand appearing on Merv's show on November 5, 1962.

Although it's possible this could be a misprint—sometimes guests were booked in advance, then changed before the show aired—did Streisand make an appearance (in color!) on Merv's talk show???

If you have further information about Streisand on the Merv Griffin show, please contact me: matt [at] barbra-archives [dot] com.