The Les Crane Show (1965)

Aired: January 7, 1965, ABC

Les Crane Show adverts

Les Crane was a young and aggressive talk show host, so ABC brought him in from San Francisco to host his own show and compete against Johnny Carson on NBC. The Les Crane Show ran from 1964-1965.

Les Crane TV ad

On the January 7, 1965 episode, Crane broadcast the annual Cue Magazine awards for outstanding performances on his late show. The awards ceremony took place at the grand ballroom of the Gotham Hotel.

Barbra Streisand— the previous year's winner — introduced Sammy Davis, Jr. with her usual humor:

There is an old proverb that says it is better to give than to receive ... Last year it was my pleasure to receive and this year I must give. And I must tell you, it is better to receive! Kidding aside, two years ago the fantastic Zero Mostel won this award, and last year I was fortunate to win it, and this year one of the greatest entertainers in the world is going to win it. There's another proverb, coincidently, that says things go in threes. So for the owners of Cue Magazine, next year a Gentile is going to get it!


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