The Keefe Brasselle Show (1963)

Aired: June 25, 1963 on CBS.

Streisand, Brasselle and Ann Davis

ABOVE: Keefe Brasselle, Streisand, and Brasselle regular Ann B. Davis (“Alice” on The Brady Bunch)).

Barbra sang two songs on The Keefe Brasselle Show, “Soon It's Gonna Rain” and “A Taste of Honey.”

Listen to an excerpt here:

Excerpt from June 26, 1963 column by Rick Du Brow ...

Song Stylist Streisand Saves Keefe Brasselle TV Opener

Keefe Brasselle, who Tuesday night began an hour variety show replacing Garry Moore this summer on CBS-TV, had a 1962 special in which we were privileged to see Liberace dance.

Tuesday night Brasselle, who is hoping for a year-round spot on CBS, helped initiate his premiere by bringing on Miss Zsa Zsa Gabor for some musical banter, some costumed strutting and some of her remarks about finance. And while we wish to be remembered for our gallantry, it must be admitted that Liberace suddenly seemed an almost amiable memory.

So much for gallantry. What is important is that Miss Gabor was followed by Miss Barbra Streisand, whose appearance is sufficient reason to justify the existence of any show. Not long ago, on Dinah Shore's final program of the season, Miss Streisand's talents exploded through the home screen, with her astounding singing style in which her acting ability and satiric power amount to relevant commentaries. She did it again Tuesday night, though mostly she merely sang beautifully, chillingly, bringing unrestrained cheers from those on hand.

In short, she was a one-woman recovery operation. And in song, she is without question the most impressive stylist of modern songs that this viewer has ever seen on television—so far the superior of any of her competitors that there is really no one even in her league.

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