Dutch Television Appearances (1966 & 1964)

Mies en Scene

Aired: May 14, 1966, Dutch television

Barbra Streisand appeared on a Dutch television show in 1966 entitled Mies en Scene. The interview was filmed in London (Streisand was appearing in Funny Girl at the Prince of Wales Theatre at the time). The host of the show, Mies Bouwman—a very famous television personality in Holland—presented Streisand with Dutch tulips named after her. Barbra wrote: “I never remember awards—but I do remember the tulip!”

Mies Bouwman gives tulips to Streisand

Bouwman and Streisand during the interview

(Photo above, courtesy Jan Langereis)

Niet Geschikt Voor Uitzending

Streisand's next appearance on Dutch television wasn't until March 21, 1997—although the original interview was filmed in 1964. It was on a show called Niet Geschikt Voor Uitzending, which means Not Suitable for Broadcasting. Merel Laseur flew to the U.S. to interview Streisand and present her with the Dutch Edison Award for “Vocaal Internationaal”. The 1964 film never aired until 1997. Streisand on Dutch TV 1964

Here is the video of Streisand receiving the Edison Award: