The Dinah Shore Show (1963)

Dinah Shore Show

Broadcast on NBC May 12, 1963

  • Dinah's Guests: Georgia Brown, Sam Fletcher, Chad Mitchell, Mike Kobluk, Joe Frazier, Barbra Streisand
  • Produced & Written by: Burt Shevelove
  • Directed by: Dean Whitmore
  • Musical numbers staged by: Tony Charmoli
  • Musical director: Harry Zimmerman

Dinah Shore—a radio and film star in the 1940s and 1950s—hosted and sang in a series of monthly broadcasts on NBC from 1961-1963 called The Dinah Shore Show. Pictured below, left to right, are Shore's guests on the May 12 show: The Chad Mitchell Trio, Sam Fletcher, Georgia Brown, Shore, and Streisand.

Publicity photo of Dinah Shore guests

Introduced by Shore as “a girl barely out of her teens ... wistful, funny, appealing, and enormously talented. She’s basically a comedienne,” Shore said, “but she’s a fine dramatic actress, too, as you’ll see when she sings her torch song.”

Streisand, wearing a Grecian-style, orange dress, sang two songs on The Dinah Shore Show: “Cry Me A River” and “Happy Days Are Here Again.”

Color shots of Streisand singing on 1963 Dinah Shore Show

In the last segment of the show, Barbra joined Dinah and her guests Georgia Brown (from Broadway's Oliver!), Sam Fletcher, and the Chad Mitchell Trio (folk singers). They all sang a rousing rendition of “Brotherhood Of Man” (from How to Succeed in Business...) and Barbra sang one of the verses.

Streisand flew to California for her first time to appear on The Dinah Shore Show — which was taped in color. Black and white kinescopes have been circulated among fans for years. A color video clip of Barbra singing “Cry Me A River” surfaced on the 1996 clip show Before They Were Stars.

What a treat it would be for Streisand fans everywhere if the entire episode was released (in color!) on DVD.

Photos of Streisand on Dinah Shore Show


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