A Bob Hope Comedy Special (1963)

A Bob Hope Comedy Special
  • Broadcast September 27, 1963 on NBC
  • Directed by: Jack Shea
  • Executive Producer: Bob Hope
  • Produced by: George Hope
  • Written by: Mort Lachman and Bill Larkin, Lester White and John Rapp, Charles Lee

Streisand’s Songs

  • Any Place I Hang My Hat is Home
  • Gotta Move
  • Blue Tail Fly (with Bob Hope)

[In 2016, Time/Life released the 1963 “Bob Hope Comedy Special” with Barbra Streisand as part of a 6-DVD box set. Unfortunately, "Gotta Move" was edited from the DVD. Order via the link above.]

Bob Hope starred in radio and movies and entertained American troops overseas with his USO shows. His long television career included many comedy specials.

This particular special — with guests Barbra Streisand, Dean Martin, James Garner, and Tuesday Weld, featured skits and songs and aired in color in some markets (although only a black and white copy seems to be the one available on DVD).

According to Hope's wife, Dolores, Streisand was asked to be on the show after Bob encountered her star power earlier in the year at a cancer benefit in Palm Beach, Florida. “Usually those things are attended by older people who only stay for half the show. By the second half, everybody has gone home,” she told Randall Riese. “When Bob introduced Barbra that night, nobody had ever heard of her. Yet when she got up on the stool and sang, everybody came back for the second half. We were told that that had never happened at that theater before ... Bob raved about her right away. He knew she was going to be a big star.”

(Below Left: Bob Hope and Streisand in costume; Below Right: Dean Martin, Streisand, and Bob Hope)

Martin, Hope and Streisand

On the show, Barbra first appeared when she introduced Dean Martin, speaking a little bit of Italian ...

Streisand on Bob Hope

Later, Barbra sang “Any Place I Hang My Hat is Home” and “Gotta Move” ...

Streisand sings

Near the end of the show she joined Dean Martin and Bob Hope in a Hillbilly "Hootenanny" sketch where they sang “Blue Tail Fly” together. (Below: Streisand wears ruffled dress and washboard).

Bob Hope and Streisand photos

Above photos (A) and (B): These are outtakes from the comedy special, because Streisand and Hope did not interact on the broadcast show. It looks like Hope is doing some business like writing notes in a book or diary and Streisand tries to look at it, or take his book.


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