“Belle of 14th Street” (continued)—Costumes

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Sharaff cape

(Above) Irene Sharaff-designed Chiffon Cape for Barbra as “Miranda” in The Tempest—Two layers of silk chiffon in several shades of green and a cream satin lining. There is also a pink drape which fits over the shoulders. There is snap closure at back.

(Below) Costume designer Fred Voelpel's original sketch for “Miranda.”

Voelpel sketch

Ariel costume

(Above) Barbra's Ariel costume from the Tempest skit.

Machree costume

(Above) “Mother Machree” green velvet jacket, knickers and hat, decorated with braid. The knickers have front button closures.

Victorian jacket

(Above) Multi Colored Victorian Jacket. A silk, Kimono-style jacket worn for The Tempest segment. Here's some trivia: This Belle of 14th Street costume actually came from Streisand's closet! Pictured bottom left is Streisand posing in the jacket in 1962!

Alice Blue Gown

(Above) Streisand sings the strip-tease number “Alice Blue Gown.” The costume she wore was auctioned in 2004. The costume description said it was a “two piece novelty costume consisting of a light blue heavy satin leotard corset style top, ribbed, featuring self attached light blue chiffon, decorative sash with bow at rear, lower hem edges with fringe tassels, zipper hook and eye closure at back, together with a full length voluminous light blue chiffon skirt, featuring rows of decorative silk ribbon, ending in bows with attached faux mini flower bouquets, snaps attached inside waistband, rear seam with Velcro closure, bottom hem trimmed in white lace. ”) The costume sold for $900.

“Belle of 14th Street” Promotions

Hirschfeld drawing of Belle

(Above) Al Hirschfeld drew this charicature of Streisand as the Belle of 14th Street—herself!

Belle posters

(Above) Artist Tim Lewis created a series of art nouveau posters to advertise Barbra's television special. Two versions are above. A third poster (10” x 33”) was created as well (see below).

More BELLE posters


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