70th Annual Tony Awards

Broadcast June 12, 2016 (CBS)

Cast of Modern Family

Barbra Streisand closed the Tony Awards by presenting the final award of the night for best musical to Hamilton. It had been 46 years since Barbra appeared on the Tony Awards show.

She was greeted with a standing ovation. “Thank you, thank you. You're making me verklempt,” she joked. “Tonight our joy is tinged with sorrow [due to the shootings at an Orlando gay club], but we're here to celebrate Broadway and the beauty that artistry can bring into this world,” Streisand said. “The artists that write the plays, the composers and the lyricists who write the songs, and the actors who bring them to life. Art can entertain us and educate us, and in times like these, console us.” Streisand wore a long black skirt with a high slit, a matching black jacket and a high-collared blouse with lacy sleeves and collar. “Thank god I picked the right outfit,” she joked, referring to her colonial-style ensemble.

Streisand presents Best Musical

Watch Tony Awards video here

Below: Lin-Manuel Miranda poses with his Tony Award; Streisand and Oprah Winfrey pose together.

Mirand and Winfrey pose with Streisand


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